Essay Sample Considering America as Policeman of the World

Published: 2022-06-10
Essay Sample Considering America as Policeman of the World
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The role of the American policing has been over the years practiced with the primary aim of protecting the human rights and sovereignty of the vulnerable nations from the mightier forces of oppression. Over the past and the recent years, America has demonstrated a very critical concern and made a stride ahead in enforcing the freedom of all people in all parts of the world. The main American policing range from fighting terrorists, denuclearization of nations, to fighting dictatorial regimes in most countries of the world. The following shows the progress of America gaining the world's supremacy and the application of its policies in the international freedom seeking fervor.

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After the World War II, the US continued upholding its stand of the communism containment. The US helped overthrow the anti-American regimes in the Latin America by either involving its troops or by giving rebels active support against the leftists. A new dynamism was established in the domestic policy of the United States by president J.F. Kennedy after his inauguration in the year 1960 (Schultz, K. M. 2013). Afterward, the US actively engaged in the Vietnam war, holding a severe fiasco in the Bay of Pigs and after that, the US saved Cuba from destruction by the Soviet missiles.

In his mission of denuclearizing the Soviet Union, the US president John Kennedy signed a treaty with the Soviet prime minister Khrushchev in1963 as a peace initiative. They agreed to stop the by then ongoing nuclear tests under the water, or in the country's atmosphere as well as the outer space. However, in November 1963, president J. F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated by a lone mercenary who was later on killed in the police custody in full view of everyone through the television.

The Vietnam war proceeded throughout the regime of president Johnson Lyndon and further rejuvenated in the administration of president Richard from 1969 to 1974. After a short while of the continuous bombing, the US turned over the uncouth regime of the Cambodian government and installed its pro-government under the control of the US military general. The United States of America after that moved on to Indo-China and conquered Laos.In 1971, the US international policy for the renewed relations with China took its root, and China became a member state to the United Nations. One year later the US president Nixon visited China and facilitated a peace initiative which created a good relationship between the two countries. The following year, 1973, the US troops left Vietnam after what was referred to as the SALT talks thereby enhancing peace and good relations (Schultz, Kevin M. 2018).

The passionate support by the United States to many vulnerable regimes across the world, however, caused untold sufferings to the US. They also led to the undertakings of various unlawful acts under the laws of the US. Some of those regimes were the Jean-Claude regime in Haiti and the Marcos' government in the Philippines. The US action on Iran led to a fiasco as well as the resulting dealings considered according to her constitution as illegal.

The US gave protection to the Iranian Shah who was its staunch ally in Asia in the year 1979. The Shah went in exile due to the by then heated revolution in the country. He needed to be prosecuted by the government of Iran. Due to the refusal by the government of the United States to hand him over to his country for trial, the government of Iran took action against the United States by holding hostage the citizens of the United States (Schultz, K. M. 2018). The US in response to that, froze all the Iranian assets in the US banks in 1977 and also tried freeing her citizens by use of commandos but didn't succeed. The hostages were later released after the US returned the assets of Iran into the US banks.

The US president George W. Bush overthrew and captured Noriega in 1989 who was ruling Panama on the grounds of trafficking the illicit drugs. Later on in the year 1991, the US committed to bringing freedom to the people of Kuwait by directly taking on military intervention against Iraq which was occupying Kuwait by then. Iraq was more potent than the country of Kuwait, and unless there was a prompt action taken, the people of Kuwait could continue being painfully enslaved by the ruthless Iraqi regime. The intervention led by the US and fully supported by the United Nations led to the freedom of the people of Kuwait and ended the Iraqi occupation. By the end of the war, there was an uncountable loss for the Iraqi people (Schultz, K. M. 2013).

In 2003, the US reaffirmed its international responsibility of peace and equality for all people in the world by attacking Iraq due to its program for the manufacture of the mass destruction weapons. Since then, Iraq has remained under the occupation of the US. The US has ever since showed relentless zeal to provide security to both the people and nations vulnerable to the dominant powers of oppression. A lot of dollars is spent every year in the war on terrorism throughout various regimes. President Barrack Obama in 2013, sent the US troops to a mission which killed the head of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, thereby ending the war on terror (Schultz, K. M. 2013).

Recently, the US troops have been deployed to fight terror groups in more than 76 countries worldwide, summing up to over 39% of the world's nations. Apart from that, the US government has established a vast number of military bases around the globe, training multitudes of soldiers on counterterrorism as well as conducting the pre-calculated air strikes. Generally, the US military operation exists everywhere in the world offering valuable intelligence and fervent security services to the vulnerable people around the globe.


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