Essay Sample on Gender Stereotyping: A Transgender Male's Struggle

Published: 2023-06-26
Essay Sample on Gender Stereotyping: A Transgender Male's Struggle
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Gender stereotyping can be generalized to give the ideas and perceptions on several attributes, uniqueness, characteristics, or roles adopted by women and men. When a society adopts gender stereotyping, most people tend to hold to the harmful side of the perception. The perception is always toxic if it targets and limits the capacities to which free males and females exercise their roles and personal abilities (Gazzola & Morrison, 2014). Being a transgender male in a society only worsens the situation because it interferes with the choices about career and the entire life of the person. The paper focuses on how transgender males are influenced by a society that embraces gender stereotyping.

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Society's perception of gender stereotyping depends on the morals and beliefs of transgender males. An example is that perception is a taboo among most religious bodies. To be precise, it is unacceptable in Islam and Christian culture. Both religions do not cherish when males adopt the perception of being of the opposite gender. Different societies have banned the act as they suggest that it affects the youth more. Studies have been conducted on how the youth have indulged in portraying the attributes of transgender males, and diverse conclusions were made. The results from the studies showed that male youths who are stressed, homeless, and have been exposed to parental rejection become reckless, and most of them end up being transgender males.

However, some communities, such as in Thailand and other Southeast Asian societies, allow and embrace the fact that transgender males lie amongst them. Despite the associations allowing transgender males, they face discrimination. In Thailand, they are given the name kathoey. Due to the prejudice and discrimination adopted by different communities, the roles left for transgender males are limited, and it leads them to have little opportunities to make a living.

Society makes it hard for them to secure professional jobs even for university graduates. They are even denied public and government services. For them to make a living, it means doing everything to survive. They involve themselves in the music and fashion industry. Some of them seek employment in small businesses such as being clerks, waiters, and salon workers, among other casual works. Through this, they reduce some social and moral stigma offered by the societies (Turner, 2007).

A wrong gender stereotype is the leading cause of a vast number of violence and discrimination against women. Consequently, rights such as freedom, effective remedy, representation, and political participation, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, work, family relationship, and marriage, among other rights, are violated. The international human law rights guidelines highly prohibit gender stereotyping, which can potentially lead to fundamental and human rights freedom undermining. Federal states need to consider setting rules which can eliminate any form of discrimination against men and women. Obligation measures call for both private and public life considerations in refraining from gender stereotyping.


Transgender Stereotyping is creating discrimination against a minority individual in the community. As a result, other secondary issues such as violence and violation of fundamental human rights occur, which interfere with the regular social interaction. The community needs to develop an awareness of the growth of the LGBT community. The community should, therefore, be educated on equal treatment of different gender in the society to avoid any future conflicts which may arise due to gender stereotyping.


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