Paper Example. Mysticism and Spirituality

Published: 2023-08-29
Paper Example. Mysticism and Spirituality
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In a nutshell, mysticism refers to the act of applying human beliefs and practical experiences by forming unions of the spiritual truth of God, with ultimate divinities and realities. In contrast, spirituality is a general term that describes the condition of an individual being spiritual without deviance. Perhaps, the modern evolutionary enhancement has been steadily accelerated by the existence of a mystical variant that supports spiritual experiences or understanding to cerate and explain various elements of nature. However, spirituality primarily defines the kind of human spirit, or the soul, without bringing other materialistic components into play.

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In the article God in a Pill? By Meher, the ideology that using drugs such as LSD could leverage the level of one's consciousness is sharply criticized. The author's argument is based on the fact that consciousness primarily evolved from the spiritual creation of God. However, mystical experiences such as nature, monistic, and theistic mysticism can be applied to perfect Meher’s reasoning only to a certain extent (2). Typically, drugs may pose a significant negative impact on the life of an individual. Still, it also can have a role to play, especially in increasing the theistic experiences when it is partially used. It is therefore visible that drugs only reduce the nature and monistic mystical variants, but also advances the theistic mystical options. As a result, drugs can not fully help one to gain the full components of mystical experiences. Still, they can assist in developing theistic understanding, which is one of the vital tools needed by someone to obtain a reality of living. Eventually, this reality can progress to help one have the right or conscious mind and understanding of God, but concerning nature, logical, and practical experiences.

Besides, Huston Smith found that continuous utilization of drugs can open one's consciousness. In his idea, drugs create spiritual experiences and therefore make one come more closer to the creator, God (Smith 25). However, the relationship cannot be drawn so blindly, because drugs can similarly cause problems of addiction, and in the memory. It is imperative that God through King James Version in Genesis 1: 29, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, while upon the face of all earth, and every tree, in the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat." This illustrates that drugs can pose challenges to some level. Although it can be used as a medicine, people should limit that as per the instructions provided by health professionals, to prevent overdose and effects on health. Again, mysticism is outstandingly dominant in Huston's article, as various spiritual deviations limit his ideas. People should stay moral and understand that, in as much as drugs may be promoting their theistic mystical experiences, nature and monistic mystical variants may be staggering. However, a conscious mind can only be built by a mind that is realistic and practical, meaning that all these mystical experiences should regularly come into play, to help one acknowledge the spiritual God and equally engage in evolutionary improvements.

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