Essay Sample on Catapult to Success

Published: 2023-09-24
Essay Sample on Catapult to Success
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The success of any organization depends on the organization culture that satisfies employees’ motivation hence encouraging high employee retention. Thus, all employees must observe attributes such as communication, flexibility, integrity, ethical behavior, and critical thinking - since these are the key elements for the success of every individual and the organization as a whole. This essay defines key attributes that, when applied, can help employees succeed at their place of work.

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Key Attributes that may be Stepping Stones to Success


Blaschke and Schoeneborn define communication as passing information from one person to another through a medium (2016). The elements required for communication to include the message, a medium, the sender, and the receiver. Communication in an organization is an important tool for communicating the organization’s goals and strategies, and also as a tool for solving employee disputes. Furthermore, the human resource department uses communication to listen to employee complaints, depressed counsel employees, and show compassion and empathy for those afflicted by the loss of a loved one. In an organization, communication helps motivate employees, socialize, and a source of information to all people (Harvey & Allard, 2015). Managers use communication to inform all employees of the organization’s strategy and goals hence saving on cost arising from misunderstanding. All organizations ought to foster effective communication that respects the cultural background of every person working in a particular organization.


Flexibility is the employees’ ability to adapt to the dynamic work environment without impacting their performance. A good example where flexibility gets applied is when employees adopt new ways of hospital medical records automation hence speeding up service delivery. If an organization wants to succeed, it must be flexible in changing market needs (Goodwin, 2017). Furthermore, flexibility in the modern world manifests in how the management committee in organizations is starting to treat employees as part of the team’s decision-making. Flexibility can help an employee easily change and assume new roles as the need arises.


Integrity is an attribute that distinguishes an individual as a person with high moral values such as honesty and respect for others. Employees who possess high integrity promote the organization’s values and goals and work diligently to achieve them. According to Harvey and Allard, people of high integrity usually succeed in every sphere of their lives (2015). Thus, an organization replete with managers and employees of high moral values is devoid of corruption and unethical practices.

Ethical Behavior

Ethics is the unwritten acceptable moral code of conduct that governs a group of people in one particular society. Thus, ethical behavior is practices that are acceptable to all groups of people. Ethical behavior plays a key role in managing diverse groups of people within an organization (Harvey & Allard, 2015). Most companies use personality tests to determine the ethical standards of an individual that closely resonates with the organization’s culture. One is that ethical behavior plays a key role is the enforcement of cohesion and cooperation among employees. Employees with good ethical behavior rarely cause conflicts among the team members. For instance, IT officers working in a hospital environment require high ethical behavior to keep the patient’s information confidential.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is one of the greatest assets that individuals can have while executing their mandate in a particular organization. Critical thinking is a skill that enables an individual to evaluate and resolve a challenging situation at work (Harvey & Allard, 2015). Organizations usually desire to hire employees with a high level of critical thinking skills. For instance, a public relations officer requires a high level of critical thinking skills – to convey crucial information about the hospital to the public without hurting its image.


In conclusion, every employee needs to exercise flexibility, critical thinking, ethical behavior, and effective communication if they want to succeed in their careers. When combined with pedagogical knowledge, these are the soft skills that set apart an individual as a top-notch employee.


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