Essay Sample on Al-Qaeda: Terrorism Delusions and Misappropriated Risks

Published: 2023-06-14
Essay Sample on Al-Qaeda: Terrorism Delusions and Misappropriated Risks
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America's reaction to the September 2001 terrorist attack that has been misappropriated to the actual threat of Al-Qaida is likely to pose. Analysis of domestic and international adversaries, there has been exaggerated and distortions on terrorism threats resulting o expensive methodological risks assessments to the danger that does not exist (Mueller, & Stewart,2012). Terrorism delusions by adversaries have therefore been costly and caused alarming perspectives on the to internalize anxieties on terrorism, albeit there is limited evidence to justify the fear.

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That is through the adoption of counterterrorism measures that are more costly than the terrorism threat itself, resulting in its ineffectiveness. The misappropriation of real terrorism threats occurred to the homeland and counterterrorism department to expend funds irresponsibly since the officials do not apply risk assessment and cost-benefit approaches on terrorism. Instead, they neglect such programs and focus on worst-case scenarios (Mueller, &Stwewart,2012). The counterterrorism controversial and conservative assumptions, together with their exaggerated internal sense of danger, have therefore resulted in the emersion of massive amounts of funds by private corporations to a threat with limited justification.

Liberal democracies face a dilemma in the sense that most protections that are guaranteed to enlightened democracy citizens face exploitations by the terrorists. Their freedom of association is infringed since it underscores a platform where terrorists from groups and networks. (Enders, &Sandler,2006) Their freedom of speech is also taken advantage of by terrorists who use it as a platform to disseminate their propaganda. Also, their freedom of movement is vulnerable since terrorists use such freedom in crossing international borders. Liberal democracies, therefore, face dilemmas since they are rich terrorist targets.

That is following the diversification of bureaucratic terrorist groups owing to their vivid division of administrative responsibilities. Such groups adhere to the rules and procedures of the group, thereby underscoring their ability to withstand the removal of any of their leaders (Jordan,2014). Since smaller, ideological, and younger organizations are never bureaucratized, their leader is therefore vulnerable to attacks and decapitalization by bureaucratic terrorist groups. That is more organized.

That may happen because most terrorist groups can maintain their organizational strengths and prepared in case of an attack on its leadership, thereby enhancing their more natural acquisition of the necessary resources (Jordan,2014). It is for such factors that they can win hearts and minds through popular support and subsequent legitimacy, thereby reducing rebellion and increasing their resilience to decapitalization.


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