Essay Sample on Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

Published: 2019-12-04
Essay Sample on Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
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The controversy between the Pro-Life and the Pro-choice seems to be unending due to the differences in the perspectives of various life aspects. The Pro-life rely on life in the context of conception, growth and reproduction among other life processes (Saad, 2016). They support life, right from the time of conception until death. Conversely, the pro-choice lobby supports the human will and the power to make someones choices. To them choices can be made in relation to a right, someones liberty, power and the selection of ones choice. Choice can be made in many aspects of life despite the actions being done.

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Abortion and euthanasia have been at the core of the debate between the Pro-life and the Pro-choice. The arguments put forward, and the sides created have resulted in serious consequences such as splitting the nation into ideological war and also bringing in political rivalry concerning the stances (Saad, 2016). To begin with, abortion is one subject that has split different countries with the pro-choice and the pro-life making their queries. Report indicate that the ideological difference has caused people in the US to be divided with about 47 % of people taking the stance of pro-choice and 46% taking the stance of pro-life (Saad, 2016). The pattern has been changing since the year 2010 gulling up beliefs and surveys.

The proponents who identify themselves as pro-choice choose the womans right to life. Their claim is merely subject to the fact that the government should not limit the womans right or even the religious authority for an embryo or fetus that is growing inside the womans body. The main argument presented indicates that the woman has the right to decide what to do with her body (Saad, 2016). The pro-life on the other hand contend with the arguments that personhood begins at conception and that abortion is an immoral killing of an innocent human being. The pro-life indicates that abortion causes suffering to the unborn child and therefore it is a crime and unfair when people carry out abortion.

Many pro-life positions are made from the religious point of view whereas the pro-choice are deduced from the law perspective and the right to free will. Some people have established a protest involving the pro-life group that criticized the Amnesty for supporting abortion (Saad, 2016). As a result, about 7 % of the people agreed to the fact that women should be imprisoned for 14 years if they had committed abortion (Swank & Fahs, 2015). Whether the Pro-life or Pro-choice, the fact is that life can be objective while choice is the consideration of the two most opposite objections which is life and death. Pro-choice and pro-life debates about the moral choice to control ones body, the moral right to choice and personal responsibility and the value of fetal life.

The pro-choice feminist argues that women should be allowed to make a decision on pregnancy, child rearing or even childbirth since a real society with womens right exists (Gupta, 2014). They also claim that the fetal life is a contingent on the womans free consent and acceptance and if the womans psychological system has not bestowed the idea of maternity then there only exists a biological process without the mothers interests to have the child (Gupta, 2014). They, therefore, think it is the womans right to decide when she is ready to invest her pregnancy with meaning and value. The pro-life on the other hand supports culture, religion and the value of life and morality. To them, abortion is murder and torture to the unborn baby.

In conclusion, the different stances have developed a bridge between the religious leaders and some political leaders together. It is surprising how two varying ideas impacts the society and the people living in it. With the pro-life defending life at all cost from conception to death and the pro-choice standing with their right and freedom of free will, it seems the division is not ending any soon. The rift created compels people to choose a side causing ideology war among citizens and political wrangles.


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