Essay Sample: Short and Symbolic Narratives Films in Fashion

Published: 2017-11-28
Essay Sample: Short and Symbolic Narratives Films in Fashion
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The development of fashion advertisements is compelled by stories of mystery, romance, and glamor clothing which shows the relevance of narrative in the representation of dressing. Fashion will increasingly exist through narrative form representation (Lopez, 1985, pp.61). Nonlinear narrative is one narrative technique which is used in hypertext websites, film and in literature where events are laid out in chronological order.

To be specific, my proposal will base its arguments on how short fashion films employ different structures of a narrative so as to position the viewer as an active author or a passive reader. The constrictive format of fashion as a character triggers the consumer’s desire in the quest of construction of identity (Telotte. 1989. Pp.27). As Text still continues to play a crucial role in contemporary fashion discourse representation, it is evident that visual language is, in the same way, convincing in the provision of clothing with content and narrative structure. Narrative turns in fashion photographs will create desirable and persuasive fashion scenarios.

These short and symbolic narrative films will help fashion in Maltese TV and media to acquire social and economic dynamics centrality. These film story will act as a vehicle, and a means to the identity of direct fashion expression. The rise of digital influencers like YouTube, Instagram stars, and fashion bloggers will be taken to greater and better heights by the implementation of these symbolic films. Fashion brands are now looking for new ways to ensure that they capture the attention of all their customers. These narratives will help the viewers to have a better understanding of whatever is being portrayed to them. Therefore they will have an awareness of the fashions which are trending in the society (Lopez, 1985, pp.61). Their desire will be highly activated. If the Maltese media society puts into practice the use of these films, then we will experience a better fashion world.


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