Free Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Published: 2020-08-13
Free Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving
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The invention of the cellular phones in the 1980s was a revolutionary invention that changed the scope of communication and influenced changes in lifestyles of many Americans. The mobile phones had changed the way people did their daily activities and ultimately changed their way of life. In the 1990s, the number f people that owned cellular phones increased and the impact was felt immediately especially in the transport industry. The number of accidents that occurred as drivers used the mobile phones while driving was growing at an alarming rate. The government had to put measures to ensure that the habit was controlled and the number of these accidents reduced. A legislation was passed that allowed police officers to arrest and charge people caught using mobile phones while driving even without evidence of any other traffic offence (Berman, 2003). This law was effective in many states and helped curb the number of accidents that occurred. However, over the years, technology has advanced considerably and the use of phones shifted. Unlike in the past where the only criminal offence one could do while driving was to call, nowadays the uses of phones have changed and brought many dangers that were not there in the past. New laws that regulate the use of cell phones while driving ought to be implemented to prevent an increase in the number of accidents that occur in a country.

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In many states in the United States, the rules that restrict the use of phones while driving are limited to calls and texts. In most States, the total ban on the use of handed devices only affects the novice drivers that are below eighteen years of age. These laws make it easy for the elder people to use mobile phones while driving without any consequences. For instance, the use of wireless ear devices enables drivers to communicate on phones while driving. The leniency of the law makes most people use phones while driving for purposes not covered by the law. Without an improvement in the regulations of using phones while driving the number of accidents that occur will increase significantly over the years.

In recent years, the uses of phones while driving have changed considerably and influenced the number of accidents that take place. People no longer use phones just to call but also make videos and chat while driving. Many young drivers have the tendency to take videos and photos of themselves and their colleagues while driving (Cramer, 2007). The fact that there are no laws that prohibit such actions makes it a dangerous habit that leads to many accidents. The numbers of videos taken while driving have increased in various social media platforms. These videos have increased the number of accidents that occur in various regions. These activities divert the attention of the drivers and make them a threat to themselves and other road users. Without new regulations that prohibit the use of cellular phones in such a way, the number of accidents on our roads will increase significantly over the years.

One of the effective ways to curb such crimes is to use evidence collected on social media against the people that do such driving offences. The cases of young people recording themselves as they speed along highways have been on the rise. In some cases, the videos have ended in accidents causing minor or major injuries to the people involved. There are many recorded videos and photos of the youth breaking various traffic rules in the country. The young people think these videos would make them popular among their friends and age mates. If the law allows the use of such videos against such people without having to break other traffic laws, this behavior will decrease (Ismeik, 2010). They would make the people become more responsible for the roads and eliminate the careless use of phones in different situations. The law should be amended to stop reckless driving in search of fame among young people.

The opponents of the legislations of the use of cell phones in vehicles have argued that the use of mobile phones has reduced the speed of the drivers significantly. They argue that most drivers will have to slow down while they pick a call or reply to a text. They argue that cell phones reduce the urgency to get to different destinations as the driver can communicate with the people on the other end. They fail to consider the fact that one second of not concentrating on the road is all it takes to cause an accident (Arason, 2014). Despite the fact that people can use cellular phones to reduce the urgency of getting to different places, they do not have to use them while driving. Mobile phones have also enabled the use of various applications that give directions to drivers to avoid routes that have probable causes of accidents. Despite the fact that cellular phones have the potential to reduce the number of accidents that occur in the country, there need to be laws that promote their proper use.


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