Free Essay Sample about Globalization and Terrorism

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay Sample about Globalization and Terrorism
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The proclamation, One man's terrorism is the other man's freedom fight, is becoming not merely a platitude but moreover the most difficult impediments in coping and dealing with terrorism (Butler, 2015). Its conceptualization is purely a theoretical problem and therefore when countering guerrilla warfare and terrorism, the implications of the outlining terms surpass boundaries of hypothetical discussions. Most terrorist prefer death in the aftermath of their activities as for them; it is a sigh of relive as they believe they have gotten what they need and to those affected by it, death is a big price to pay (Bassil, 2014).

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War is a crime against humanity; it is a deconstructive act in my lone opinion. When there is an outbreak of war, the economy of countries involved are affected, people get displaced and more so, their massive destruction of property and infrastructure. The effects of the war are felt for years (Butler, 2015). The destruction of infrastructure and property may take decades to be rebuilt. To humanity, serious crimes get committed, and mostly often death occurs. The perpetrators of war commit unreasonable crimes to humanity as they rape, injure and kill innocent citizens in the perpetration of their agendas and therefore a crime against humanity.

In the present world were calamities are becoming an everyday occurrence, globalization is of utmost importance (Baek & Shi, 2016). It is good for governments as they can share information and exchange and help each other in times of calamities. Globalization has led to a massive and rapid development of countries as an economic block has been developed by governments to aid in trade and other events that may arise. In cases such as terrorism, globalization has helped governments share information about the terrorist cells, therefore, aiding in the capture and foiling of terrorist attacks.

The view of world politics is changing. People are moving from voting individuals who come from their maternal background to people who can deliver. Citizens are analyzing the collective good and the integrity of the individuals they elect to political offices (Kollias & Paleologou, 2016). Such analysis by citizens has led to a better development of nations worldwide where in most cases leaders perpetrating ethnic unrest have been kicked out of offices. In some instances, leaders have resigned from offices in cases where they have been found guilty of mistakes that they commit during their tenure in office. The populaces have been given much freedom as at recent times; they are free to point fingers on their leaders without any punishment administered to them as this was not the case in the old days.

A theory is a supposition of ideas that are intended to explain something, particularly ones centered on the universal principles independent of the entity to be elucidated. Theories aid in our general understanding of the ways in which some entities function. They provide answers to questions that would otherwise take the time to research on. Regarding global politics, theories have helped leaders who make sufficient use of them to win elections by a greater margin. Some leaders perpetuate theories that win the confidence of the general public and therefore leading to the victory on their side (Kubickova, Carpentier, & Uppsala, 2016).

War is an act of an armed conflict amongst different states or nations or diverse groups within a government or nation (Kollias & Paleologou, 2016). War is an extension of violence in other means as there are massive killings and injuries involved to those affected by it. At the occurrence of war, there are massive violent crimes that are committed to the general populace of which do include murder, rape, and forced evictions. Over time, there has been a rapid change in global violence as governments are busy developing advanced weapons of mass destructions. The development of weapons is as a result of increased violence worldwide.

Human rights are rights that are believed to belong justifiably to every individual. Many different rights are belonging to persons for example right of expression, right of worship and other more. Globalization has enhanced the observance of human rights. This is as a result of international media house highlighting cases of abuses of human rights in different places in the world.


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