Language and Individual, Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-28
Language and Individual, Essay Sample for Everyone
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Language and individual interact with the society in different aspects. The individual differences in a language framework includes the language behavior and language ability to revolve around the involvement of the study of literature. It may obtain specification on a variety of approaches that involve the linguistic ability along with individual differences. In the social context, the gender difference (men and women) and the cultural differences also influence the language delivery or communication. In most cases, the language difference is evident through a series of incidents that may involve the cross-cultural styles of communication, verbal, or conversation differences.

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With a general focus on the preoccupation of language and individual variation, the writing of this paper will major on specific prime events. First, it will discuss situations concerning the language changes to a situational response. Secondly, it will deliver peer-review articles concerning the case of language and individual in a social context together with describing the involved approaches and later render opinions concerning the involvement of speech in a workplace.

Examples of Situations I Changed My Language

In the course of the regular activities, some different events and occurrences involve language changes in response to a situation. The language changes may seem hectic, but in most of the happenings, it is essential in maintaining the general intercommunication and realizing the purpose of communication. For example, earlier this year, I visited a retailer shop, shopping for a collection of commodities. Before I could get everything, I needed, I came across a short Mexican lady that stopped on the pathway. I could see that she needed help and offered my support by asking her how I would be of help to her which she apparently did not reply to since she could not understand me. As a result, I quickly changed to Spanish, and she could now understand me asking me to help her get a product from a higher counter. Different individuals have their dimensions of language which may have a base on varying aspects, for instance, cultural differences, gender difference, among social differences. The differences in the cultural setting deliver ranging language that may in many cases affect communicating. In the situation, I had to change to Spanish to ensure that the lady understood and offered her the necessary help.

Also, another example involves a case in the same retail store where I intended to make an online order. In the process of making the request, I made a call to the store, and a lady picked the call. During the call, I changed my language and opted to use "hedges" (such as probably) and "fillers" (such as I mean) which I rarely use in my communication with the males. In the language difference context with gender difference, the interface or language is affected under the gender basis, whereby it does not involve the gender of the person talking, but the sexuality of the person being spoken to in the event. Whenever it is a male to a male, the message is plain and straight to the point, and the language does not need to be flawless; however, whenever it is a male to a female, the communication is mostly better, and there is a better choice of words.

Research Articles Helping in Understanding Language

Article One

Subon, F. (2013). Gender differences in the use of linguistic forms in the speech of men and women in the Malaysian context. Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 13(3), 67-79.

In this study according to Subon (2013), the theoretical dimension is based on a social view or perspective foundation that defines a collection of data. It gives the relationship of the provided information concerning the involved topic at hand and its involvement with the social context of the people or individuals. On the other hand, the researcher uses an individual difference psychological concept as they describe on the linguistic form in language concerning the interested groups of people.

Summary of The Article

However, as a summary of the article, it delivers difference involvements of gender differences in the use of oral language that is, between the men and women. About the article, it gives claims concerning the previous studies by different researchers implying that women and men render different language or speech between each other. With the report, it elaborates details regarding the difference in the oral communication as used by the women and the men. It also delivers information on a variety of traits that develop more knowledge and information that the genders talk about in most happenings.

Correspondingly, it answers the research questions that include; what are the differences in linguistic features in the language of men and women? What are the preferred topics of discussion by the genders? And which gender used politer linguistic speech? (Subon, 2013). Within the study, it follows a methodology concerning Malaysia populations which is a multi-racial society comprising of different individuals from different cultures. The participants were selected randomly consisting of five men and five women from different cultures. In the long run, the results and conclusions of the article provide evidence that there are differences in language relying on differing gender and cultures. They may be seen through the relevant questions, humor, address, topics, and features in the literature.

Article Two


In the context of the article according to Asemota (2015), it delivers more details concerning a unique approach to language and individuals. In this study, the theoretical foundation relies on exact and social dimension relating to language, individual, and culture congenial to language teachers. Within the article, it follows the psychological concept involving a group and individual idea including the study of psychology.

Summary of The Article

The article helps elaborate and provide a study linking the unique effect that revolves around language, individual, and culture. It shows data relating to how language reflects on an individual rather than creating a social orientation. It encompasses the ability of language to influence and dominate interpersonal events that hints expression as a guide to social reality and a model of the formation of culture among other engagements in the society. It answers a study question seeking the relationship of language to extra-linguistic determinants in the different cultures.

Additionally, the methods of the study are based on the empirical analysis of research and divide the information into subsections. It forms a tripartite relationship chart that interrelates language, individuals, and the society together. With a focus on the conclusion, the study renders proper data explaining the synthesis of a significant relationship between the involvement and the interaction of the society, language, and individual implying that the three are inseparable since they depend on each other. Also, it embellishes more details concerning the activities of language teachers concerning teaching new languages and relating to individuals in the setting (Asemota, 2015).

Article Three

Zhang, S., & Anthony, R. (2007). Language and Culture Research in the Context of International Education and Second Language Acquisition. Comparative and International Education/Education Comparee et Internationale, 36(2), 91-103.

Within the context of this article Zhang & Anthony, (2007), it concerns the interaction of language and culture through occurrences that may result in a misunderstanding in cross-cultural relations. In anchoring up the details of the study, the theoretical foundation base on the cross-cultural interventions in communication with consideration to the social approaches concerning the language and individuals. Through the research, the researchers use the qualitative methodologies whereby they describe the results and findings relating to how people communicate and why they communicate the way they do.

Summary of The Article

Throughout the writing of the study, it seeks to address the different approaches that may gain usage in examining the cultural issues that involve communicative interaction on the aspects of language and the social contexts. In the analysis of the study, it renders a discussion on a variety of questions. They include; (what means enhance the interpretation of cross-cultural interchanges that establish discourses behaviors in a different context and what are the interlanguage methodologies involving communication). As a result of the finding, the study elaborates details concerning the cultural occurrences that result in the miscommunication between the individuals in the native and non-native speakers of a given language. With the information gathered through qualitative methods for instance interviews, they render significant help in the examination of the methodologies relating to language and cultures and individuals (Zhang & Anthony, 2007).

Application of The Findings in Solving Communication Problems

Correspondingly, the research findings render a solution to the communication problems that may arise. These problems may revolve around the different involvements of language, individuals, and the social setting of the society. As for the first article, involving the gender differences in expression, different communication issues may arise. The report would play a significant role in ensuring individuals understand what the different approaches entail about language and gender (Subon, 2013).

Also, the second article concerning the involvement of language, the individual and culture are essential in communication, especially for the language teachers. In their application, the content of the article would help in improving the understanding of how to relate interface to the different culture, different languages, and the various individuals. Also, the section is applicable in shining the light on the fundamental aspects of communication (Asemota, 2015).

On the other hand, the third article is appropriate whereby it provides the various methodological approaches that enhance the understanding of the involvement of language and culture. As a result, it helps reduce the cross-cultural barrier to communication as people interact with each other (Zhang & Anthony, 2007).

Application of The Knowledge to Personal and Professional Life

Nonetheless, with the different implication of the information derived from the research articles, people can use language and apply it to the personal and professional life through various ways. There are different people in the different culture present in the community; as a result, the interaction is essential, and with the use of the information, one may acquire various ability. First, an individual can understand the different approaches to the language difference between genders (male and female). Second, would render help in understanding the involvement of language to culture and thirdly provide methodologies for the interaction of individual to literature and the society.

Application in The Workplace Communication

To sum everything up, the information can be applied in the workplace to guide and improve communication between individuals. Understanding different approaches to cultures, language and individual is essential, especially in the life activities setting. The information would render a significant help in communication in social contexts. The workplaces comprise of different individuals from differing cultures thus applicable. For example, enhancing communic...

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