Essay Sample Dedicated to the Conflict Between Turkey and ISIL

Published: 2022-03-12
Essay Sample Dedicated to the Conflict Between Turkey and ISIL
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What did each side demand of the other?

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The conflict between Turkey and ISIL is based on their influences in Syria. ISIL has been responsible for several terrorist attacks in Turkey, and it became the main reason for retaliation by the turkey government. ISIL claims that Turkey has joined forces with the Crusaders regarding western nations and has become an apostate regime. On the other hand, Turkey considers ISIL terrorist groups and has been involved with military attacks on it in both Iraq and Syria and has been responsible for the death of many of them (Callimachi, 2015).

Why did bargaining fail?

A reason for the high difficulty of ending the conflict between the two sides is as a result of the spill over the Syrian war. Turkey is a nation that had taken a strong stand against the Assad regime in Syria. ISIL, on the other hand, developed more influence in Syria, Iraq and began to move (Ahmad, 2015).

Did the rebels form in an urban or rural setting?

ISIL which more of an unofficial group can, in this case, be described as a rebel group without a formal and recognized system of organization. It was established during the west attacks on nations of Iraq after the rise of jihadist and monotheistic groups such as the Jama'at al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad. ISIL is a group that developed in urban (Callimachi, 2015).

Afghanistan vs. ISIS

What did each side demand of the other?

Taliban which is a terrorist group from Afghanistan and wishes to have control over the region. The Afghanistan government also wishes to maintain the sovereignty of the nation and reduce control of terrorist groups in most of the regions.

ISIS, on the other influence, is a terrorist group that is spreading control in the region as a terrorist and jihadist and wishes to take control of the strategic mountains in Afghanistan.

(2) Why did bargaining fail?

The conflict between the Afghanistan government and ISIS is very difficult to end. ISIS considers the Afghans as an apostate society because of their Shia Islamic identity. On the other hand, ISIS is based on Sunni Islamism and jihadist mandate. Bargaining seems to fail because of a clear difference in religious and cultural understanding between the two sides where one is dedicated to eliminating the other through death.

3) Did the rebels form in an urban or rural setting?

ISIS organization in Afghanistan is based on an unrecognized and UN official f\system of the organization.

Libya v ISIS

What did each side demand of the other?

On one side there is the Libyan government trying to take control over the nations after the civil war,

On the other side, there is the ISIS-inspired group wishing to spread Salafist Islamism and way of life through terrorism.

(2) Why did bargaining fail?

Bargaining between the two sides failed because of their completely differing vision for the country. One group is a terrorist group while the other is a state organization wishing to recover from a civil war.

3) Did the rebels form in an urban or rural setting?

The rebels who are the ISIS-inspired group were formed within rural settings in the area such as Cyrenaica and, Tripolitania. These are areas that were devastated by the conflicts of the civil war.

Egypt vs. al-Gama'a al-IslamiyyaWhat did each side demand of the other?

The group is formally known as Al-jamaah al-islamiyah and sought to overthrow the Egyptian govern and establish an Islamic state. On the other hand, there is the Egyptian government wishing to maintain sovereignty and fight terrorism in the country

(2) Why did bargaining fail?

Bargaining between the two failed because Al-jamaah al-islamiyah is a terrorist group that wishes to spread its s\Sunni Islamic culture in Egypt. The two sides, therefore, have a different vision of the country with one involving the use of force and violence to exert its influence.

3) Did the rebels form in an urban or rural setting?

The group was developed within an urban setting. It was established as a militant student group wishing to have political and social influence in the nation and grew to become a terrorist group.

Iran vs. JundallahWhat did each side demand of the other?

Jundallah is a resistant group in Iran fighting for equal rights for Sunni Muslims in Iran. On the other hand, the Iranian is involved in the conflict because of the need to maintain stability and control terrorism in the country.

(2) Why did bargaining fail?

The group like many other in different Arab nations has become a terrorist group, and it is the main reason for failure to establish a bargain with the Iranian government.

3) Did the rebels form in an urban or rural setting?

It is a group established in both urban and rural settings of most of the regions of Southeastern Iran where most Sunni Muslims in the country reside.

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