Free Essay Containing a Business Idea - Water Bottles That Have Filters

Published: 2019-05-14
Free Essay Containing a Business Idea - Water Bottles That Have Filters
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Two thirds of the human body is made up of water; the human brain, lungs and blood have 95%, 90% and 82% of water respectively. Lack of water in the human body can lead to dehydration, which will lead to memory loss, body weakness, and fatigue (Singh and Vinod 78). With such amazing statistics and facts, it is important that every human being can have access to clean drinking water whenever they feel thirsty. Across the globe, there is a large population of people in different countries that do not have access to clean drinking water. At the same time with climate change, the worlds temperature is fluctuating; where there is an increase in heat and cold in different areas.

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My business idea is aimed at making the lives of people better and helping as many people as possible access clean water at the appropriate time. My idea is based on the creation of water bottles that have filters at the bottom. This is a simple concept that will allow a person to either fill water in the bottle or end up with cold water, but the most unique thing about this idea is that if by any chance a person runs out of water, then it can refill itself. So many people carry or buy bottles of water these days when they leave their homes. People actually spend a lot of money in buying bottled water and at the same time carry water bottles, but when they run out of water they have to wait until they reach home, or have to buy another bottle of water. What my business idea will do is to reduce the amount of money that people use to buy water, and come in handy when an individual runs out of water.

Target Audience

At the age of 14 years old, people start to get more curious and adventurous. Children at this age want to go to camp, join sports teams and so on. On the other hand, people above the age of 18 to 30s want to look more attractive and healthy. They are more cautious about their body weight and skin. Water is one of the components that is significant in ensuring that a person has the best skin texture. According to Groover (77) water is known to improve the health of human beings and its consumption is important. This business idea aims at attracting customers in the age gap of 14 years to 28 years and encourages them to consume more water in a stylish, cheaper and appealing manner. The choice for this target audience is that people within the mentioned age group are usually very active. The more activities they are involved in like sports, camping and random movement will always require them to consume water as often as possible to stay hydrated. Another reason for the choice of that target audience is that they prefer to carry water bottles more than people outside the age group.

Problem Issue

What this business idea wants to solve is the problem of increased temperatures at different times and different places in the world. With increased temperatures, the human body requires more water. At the same time while solving the problem, a consideration of the consumer expenses must be considered. Having to buy cold water every time you feel thirsty or dehydrated might mean more spending, which might be a challenge to many people, especially in the third world. The second problem is the issue of lack of water in some parts of the world. This product will ensure that temporarily, as an individual lacks water they have a solution.

Solving the Problem

This water container will ensure that it can handle the above mentioned problems in two different ways. One way that it will help solve the problem is through its unique feature of ensuring that a person can have access to cold refreshing water whenever they desire. The second way that this product will solve the mentioned problems is through its refilling nature. Whenever a person has finished the water they do not need to panic because the unique feature of the container will automatically refill the container giving the holder the water they need.

The water containers will be available in different sizes, shapes and colors. To ensure that they are suitable for different genders, the bottles will be available in pink color, green, blue, red, purple, and colorless. Furthermore, the water containers will have different accessories including back bags and side bags, which will make it easier to carry them around. In addition, the containers will come in different sizes to give the consumers an option to choose the most appropriate container for a certain situation. If for example a consumer wants to have a bottle that they just want to carry to the office, then they can pick a larger container compared to a person carrying the container to the library.

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