Work Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-20
Work Experience Essay Sample
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Successful organizations around the world pay their workers high salaries due to their working experience and talent in performing a certain task. If I had the opportunity as an employer to recruit new staff members to my company, I would prefer inexperienced workers with the aim of training and giving them the necessary support so that they can acquire new skills to perform delegated task better. Recruiting inexperienced workers will address high cost of operation expenses experienced by many companies around the world who took initiative to employee talented workers with the aim of achieving organization set targets within a short period. Many of these companies which pay workers high salaries have over years collapsed due to unmanageable internal operation costs.

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Successful companies have grown to their level because of a clear start-up plan where the employer went for inexperienced workers and put more effort training them with the aim of making them better workers tomorrow. After setting up my company, I will personally supervise recruiting exercise where I will select talented inexperienced workers. I will then create a department which will train and provide the necessary support to the newly recruited employees. These employees then will be deployed to different working station and will be supervised by senior manager who will be guiding them on how to perform a given task with minimum supervision.

A research conducted by Harvard university in 2015 reveled that experienced workers who are well paid today were employed when they were inexperienced but their employers put more effort in training them. It was also discovered that workers perform better when they are given opportunity to handle a new task within the organization through training them regularly. When inexperienced workers attend different training workshops, they get motivated hence put more effort performing a given job better with the aim of getting recognized the company top management organ for promotion purposes.

Inexperienced workers are better to manage compared with experienced workers because they put more effort in learning new ideas. Experience workers in many cases create conflict because of they desire to get noticed and get even higher pay. If the company fail to increase their salary demands, most of these employees resign with the aim of joining other companies with better pay. This creates vacuum within the organization hence the company has to deep in and use more resources in attracting new employees. Most of experienced workers are hard to manage because of their personal desires to get promoted quickly to high managerial levels hence lack on personal commitment in delivering the required outputs.

In conclusion, Inexperienced workers are manageable, trainable and hard working upon given the opportunity to perform a given task compared with experience workers who tend to put personal interest first before that of the company. It is also evident that experienced workers cause organization conflict and if not well managed, they can make a company collapse. New companies have obligation to recruit inexperienced workers and put more resources in training them other than paying huge salaries.

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