Essay Example on Racism Towards Black People

Published: 2023-01-31
Essay Example on Racism Towards Black People
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Many contend that perhaps the implementation of principles by White people to shape views on race-conscious politics may be a subtle type of racism. Some contest the current theory of racism, implying that their impact is exclusive to culture and values. Adherents of the thesis claim that a mixture of racism and American individualism structures the attitudes of many Whites about such policy. As in the world, today, many people have released content to describe their understanding of racism in various spaces. Some of this content, "The Story of O.J." by Jay Z and "New Slaves" by Kanye West have received the most attention because of their contribution to various spaces of cultural and political understanding of racism in the world today. In this paper, these two cultural artifacts will be analyzed based on their applicability to the current situation of racism in the United States and the world at large.

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Yeezus, Kanye West's album, is not what anyone would predict from a person of his craft. Yeezus is a rampage on our modern knowledge of what racism has developed into, rather than the upbeat works of the past like Graduation or Late Registration. Explicitly, his first single "New Slaves," which first featured on SNL, is a depiction of this march to put into the light something that has been too long hidden. On the other hand, the 13th album of Jay-Z's studio, 4:44, merits every mention it gets and then something. The short film "The Story of OJ" includes such a precious gem and presents it in a manner that forces people to stand up and pay attention. The music's clip contrasts black people in America's past and present to teach society how to create a prosperous future.

While the demonstration might appear strange to some, several people will see this as a significant state where Kanye started to stand up for racism in America instead of lying down with the hip-hop artist speaking about weapons and drugs. This music can be viewed as the first strides towards racism and an overview of how modern culture has switched its blind eyes to the plagues of the black body and enables racial and exclusionary policies to continue. With close comparison with Jay-Z's take, seeing the name of the track alone should indicate what to hope to hear. Right after sampling Nina Simone's sweet music, "my skin is black," Jay Z is rhyming: "OJ like,' I am not black, I am OJ'... OK." (Jay Z). This is a quote OJ Simpson has never said before, but it echoes the idea that wealth and status helped somehow to transcend the color of the skin by black people. Jay Z asks to vary on the other side. During the film, the artist is determined that purple is white at the beginning of the day despite your assets, condition, or teeth. Moreover, it just makes us all disbelieve in the long run as if there is some hierarchy within our race.

Kanye starts with the phrase stating that his mother was brought up at the time when clean air was only delivered for fairer hair. He portrays country before the civil rights revolution and gives violent pictures of how social culture has never been prepared to resolve all the postwar issues. This lays the subject of' racism always returns in various types.' The songs portray further the power structure and the present situation of African Americans. Discrimination has progressed from the "You are African American," binary to "you are black so we will only need you if you can purchase or want something" Kanye talks about the reality that bureaucracy has distorted our feeling of who is dignified and who is not focused on his revenue. If one is considered a more lucrative client than another, companies will always promote the client to make higher earnings than the evil person who only purchases a piece of bread with half payment.

From Jay-Z's take on racism today, the rapper proceeded to rhyme further demonstrating his argument by stating "light n---a dark n---a faux n---a real n---a rich n---a poor n---a house n---a field n---a. Still an---a." If you didn't precisely understand what Jay Z implied for a time, you made a perfect picture that was heart-ridden, to give lives to all this. While it is all animated, the images of Huey P. Newton and Nina Simone are much too strong to overlook, as are lynching and the slaves picking cotton. Jay Z tries to teach one from what they went through and how much advancement they have had to create, by blending quotes from black history with the information he lays to the audience. Of course, more than 200 years earlier, slavery stopped. However, as the track emphasizes, the white group is still emotionally bound instead of being enslaved.

According to comprehensive richness research released by the Center for Global Policy Solutions in 2015, white households in the United States have a combined income of 20 percent higher than black families (Adjeiwaa-Manu 15). Moreover, this is not just something for this year only. It stems from systemic oppression and parameters to avoid individuals of color, taking advantage of the same economic possibilities as their typical peers. When you comprehend the heart of the matter, certain jokes about black people always having bad credit are not amusing at all. The United States has traditionally produced the luck of maintaining individuals of color under poverty line between the long legacy of personal companies attacking our populations and re-funding our assets. In "OJ's Story," Jay Z finds it apparent that obtaining riches is the only route to shake the bonds of economic slavery. If this seems too evident, do not bother. Across the record, Jay z also lets us understand how he obtained his billions and, from knowledge, what measures we can all follow to put that riches home into our societies- black societies, in particular.

"Please do not die over the neighborhood that your mama rentin'," Jay Z said. "Take your drug money and buy the neighborhood. That is how you rinse it." Practically, the musician does not instruct white youth to buy drugs for cash. The real teaching is that it is entirely up to you how you get your riches, but what counts most is what you choose to do with it.

On the other hand, Verse two may be the most significant verse that Kanye has spit in his music for a long time, perhaps ever. His criticisms and comments are noted and significant while seeming to be hurried or naive or hyperbolic. It is a powerful chapter that can identify the heritage of Kanye when searching away. He describes the world in totally while ensuring he hits the right switches without influencing or encouraging any hate.

Perhaps one of the main points that both artists portray is that even after all the aspects they recount in his tracks - materialism, discrimination, slavery, confinement, the ambivalence to these issues from the rap game, it does not apply to them, they will still prosper. In Kanye's track, His speech can pierce his trust and honesty, and you understand for sure that Kanye can never loose. He has experienced many accidents, debacles, and only absolute messy circumstances that nothing will ever take him back now. "New Slaves" is Yeezus ' peak and contains an emotional dash at the top that makes it a truly unique piece of contemporary times. Closely relating this to Jay-Z's view, at the end of the day, as many would believe, we are not as far from slavery. Poverty is just another type of subjugation - whether it is through your loan rating or from working paycheque to paycheque. Moreover, as now as Jay-Z's is involved, "Financial liberty is our only chance.

Both artists take up an inspirational approach in describing what racism feels like in the real world. They try to impose feelings of revolution and a better world, which is more inclusive. Both artists imply that because of the pervasiveness of racial stereotypes in American media, too much is said without really having to be. Even though one is uncomfortable with the particular mentions being produced, pictures such as the "pickaninny" are so embedded in the collective views that it is difficult to overlook what is being accomplished here, even among people who do not usually invest their moment decoding pictures in the press. An intuitive intake is suitable; Jay-Z, like the Greek chorus, is our gateway to the future. Jay-Z takes over "jaybo"-a game by the title "sambo," in what might be the most direct mention of the clip to a particular piece packed with its own. It appeared in Warner Bros., title lists connected with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky pig (again attacking the sub-text of the ancient illustrations of African America, putting them straight in the individual roles).


Conclusively, many contend that perhaps the implementation of principles by White people to shape views on race-conscious politics may be a subtle type of racism. The performers propose that there might be an even subtler type of racism. Racism can be articulated against big government. The data in these films show that the impact on behavior concerning a strategy of race consciousness of limited government principles depends on concentrations of racial prejudice for many people, whereas the effects on social welfare behavior which are racially vague are not. The performers claim that these findings support the claim that racism still occurs and a fresh, subtle expression has been discovered. It is therefore critical that such artifacts are critically integrated into new spaces of study to improve the understanding of individual values and how they affect human beings today.

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