Free Essay on Rhetorical Strategies in 'Obamacare Is an Unstable Economic Model'

Published: 2019-11-12
Free Essay on Rhetorical Strategies in 'Obamacare Is an Unstable Economic Model'
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Obamacare is failing: many Americans, especially from minority groups, were brought up knowing that healthcare is a privilege for the elite few. However, the inception of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as the Obamacare suddenly changed this perception. Despite its numerous benefits, many people have strongly criticized it naming it to be an unstable economic model. One such person is Grace-Marie Turner, who argues in her year 2016-published article entitled Obamacare Is an Unstable Economic Model, that many companies are opting out of public participation to avoid the program (Turner). Turner kick-starts her argument by building credibility to her logical fallacy. She presents individual facts on various reputable organizations, outlining convincing statistics and applying an emotional stand on the matter. On the other hand, towards the end of the article, she entirely discredits the government with the chief of staff with an aim to appeal to the public, an approach that weakens the credibility and validity of her stand.

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In her online article, Turner commences by explaining the current situation in the corporate world whereby major organizations are pulling out of public participation to avoid the unreasonable requirements provided in the act. She firmly begins her ethos appeal by stating the irony in which a long-time Obamacare advocate and Aetna C.E.O. Mark Bertolini caused a political storm by cutting down its public exchange for the next financial year (Turner). She strengthens her point by outlining that United Healthcare, Humana, and the Blues had followed Aetnas example. She attributed the slump to a failing Obamacare policy.

Terming it a disastrous government intervention, Turner proceeds to implicate the administration for applying a more disastrous response to counter the failing policy. The author explains that few individuals would have unfairly high tax demands to facilitate many disadvantaged people (Turner). This implies that the model is already unstable and the Obama administration should take responsibility for the mess. The author adds to her logos appeals by outlining the numbers for instance a poor mix of enrollees, big premium increases to the tune of approximately 23% in 2017 and charging the healthier people 75% more for facilitating the governments healthcare expenses (Turner). All these numbers boost the credibility of Turners argument.

However, the second half of her article presents a gap in the level of effectiveness that appears at the beginning. The section seems to be a personal attack on the president together with his administration. Turner uses strong language such as the Obama administration has only itself to blame for this mess (Turner). She furthers that the administration did nothing positive regarding all warnings on the disastrous outcome of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, the author explains the government was so ignorant as not to involve the stakeholders in planning and implementing Obamacare. The author indirectly outlines this fact by stating that the subsequent president should avoid such a mistake. Turner further states all the various stakeholders and describing how they were not considered in the Obamacare campaign as a means of appealing to the public (Turner). As if that was not enough, she terminates the article by stating that the government should not increase expenditure as a way to resolve an expenditure-related issue. This proves her personal stand in a weak and less serious fashion.

Though Turner commences her article by outlining the facts and situation on the ground, she loses credibility towards the end when she drives her ill government-directed insults, in place of a firm conclusion to terminate a strong argument. She should have presented alternatives to the administration in handling the disaster instead of introducing the aspect of what the next president should do to handle the situation.

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