Research Essay Outline Example: Emancipation

Published: 2017-09-01
Research Essay Outline Example: Emancipation
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Thesis: freedom used to refer to a method of putting slavery to an end in the countries in which it was legal. It established to compensate the owner of the slave some money or labor for a given period. Such compensation was to allow such people to release the slaves. The issue of emancipation was critical, in the history of America, in some ways.

Body Paragraph 1: the liberation succeeded to change the focus of the war in America.

Supporting evidence: it was up to late 1862 when the primary purpose of the war was still the preservation of the union. The issuance of the Emancipation changes the focus for the fight for the slaves freedom.

Explanation: This quote shows that before to emancipation, there was a different focus of the war, but it later led to the fight for freedom for the slaves.

So what? This quote is in support of the fact that the emancipation proclamation became a critical issue in the history of America and fro which point the fight for the freedom of the slaves became an issue.

Body Paragraph 2: another reason why the emancipation could be considered significant was that it kept away the foreign nations their civil war.

Supporting Evidence: France and Britain had an interest in extending their influence to the western hemisphere despite the fact that quite many the European were not for slavery. Lincoln was among the few who embraced emancipation.

Explanation: This quote illustrates Abraham Lincolns strategy of keeping off the other countries from involving in their civil. He made it by not liaising with any of Nations.

So what? By not liaising with the other countries, Lincoln prevented further war hence impacted positively on the welfare of the America.

Body Paragraphs 3: the emancipation proclamation was a forerunner for the black Americans to realize that they should fight for their freedom.

Supporting evidence: Lincoln declared that the suitable condition of the African-American would be achieved under the service of the United States in an armed state. By the end of declared war, quite a number, (approximately 2000, 000) of Africans hence had the opportunity to contribute to the war.

Explanation: This information explains that the war under the declaration of Abraham Lincoln enabled the realization of the essence of the considerations of the African-Americans into the war.

So what? The emancipation proclamation led to the war which in turn paved the way for the absorbing of the African-Americans into the army. This was the beginning of the fight against race in the America.

Body Paragraph 4: The Emancipation Proclamation serves as a unifying factor in the history of America.

Supporting evidence: It played a critical role unifying those who had been considered slave, part of the nation and any other person within the society.

Explanation: this quote informs of the emancipation as a center of interest which affected all the Americans in at least one way or the other.

So what? The fact that the results of the emancipation proclamation brought all the Americans together in one way or another ensured its functioning as a unifying force in America.


The emancipation in the America was one event though took place as a process had a lot of contributions to the well-being of the nation. On the context of America, it can be associated with advantages.

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