Essay Sample on Educational Change

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Sample on Educational Change
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Educational reform is not what it used to be, so it cannot be said to be lacking since it exists but is yet to be implemented. Particularly in wealthy countries, the period when educational reform involved an emphasis on the inherent worth of becoming an educated individual. Yet populism and communism's decline also raised pressure on policymakers through regimes to engage in state education by massive change initiatives, including adverts, various legislations. Even in the US, an effort to' modernize' teachers' and academic culture was adopted to inhibit educational change (Wallace, 2003). According to Bernie's Plan (2020), the objectives set out are to ensure that every person obtains education right through the established measures.

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Critique and Analysis

Provision of tuition fees and other essential funds equitably

Under the Sanders plan, only students whose families could bear the tuition and fees paid by any institution in the country would be given free education. Sanders supports this come-one-come-all entitlement's consistency and efficiency, and it would certainly minimize the complexity required for a more complex strategy, at a very high expense, it is convenience (Bernie Plan 2020).

The focus on a making-college-free portion of the program will focus on a contractual agreement with the states in which the administration sets the laws. The states had already provided this kind of challenge for the Affordable Care Act and still declined to take the offer. In answer to the higher strategy of Senator Sanders, especially in States of Republican-controlled governments, the same opposition to lengthy-term funding promises can be anticipated (Bernie's Plan 2020).

Protect and expand teachers' collective bargaining rights and teacher tenure.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Education, praised the move to reel down public schools. She called the plan "vitally significant" in a statement to CNN, and said it would provide the public school program with clear checks and balances (Bernie Plan 2020).

For another case, the degree of the omnipresence of a word, the degree to which teachers were linked to a message for different, concurrent, or interlocking forms, may often differ with the teachers (Coburn, 2004). Bernie Sanders will aim at ensuring that charters are regulating the manner that schools carry out business (Bernie Plan2020). The measure will ensure that the teachers and other staff in case of any misconduct have guidelines on how to act accordingly.

The degree of congruence applies to the expectations of teachers and the extent of the substance of communications correlates to their pre-existing worldviews or activities. The reason is that the teachers had conflicting values and behaviors, and various teachers may have varying interpretations of the same message being congruent with it (Wallace, 2003). The charter will help to achieve checks and balances in the schools. That will regulate the behavior of the staff, especially the teachers' conduct in dealing with students.

Elimination of discrimination

To curb discrimination in the learning institutions and facilitation of a friendly environment for learning; there are various actions that Bernie Sanders plans to undertake, like Building on the Strength Diversity Act to increase the strategies to desegregate schools (Bernie Plan 2020).

Further, the critique of existing schools from Fullan (2000) was that decentralization refers to the need for new capacity-building beyond the classroom, namely the development of' extra-school infrastructure. This will create diversity in building social relationships.


In my opinion, regarding the achievement of laid out in our case Bernie's, the leaders should have a work plan and implementation strategy for the project, including sufficient funds to support the project. The policy should be revised several by various stakeholders in the project to ensure that the plans are well-stated without misrepresentation. Funding is not expected to arrive for socially controversial yet technically insightful subjects for systemic evaluations, such as the unintentional exposure of central policy initiatives to perpetuating the issue of poor expectations that they are meant to improve.

Fortunately, the amount of government-commissioned work is on the rise, but the topics and solution requirements remain firmly centered on the issues of urgent policy enforcement. Not much room here for researchers to consider the unimaginable. With Bernie's Plan, a lot can be changed for the better. There will be no difference between being in a public or private school as there will be equal treatment in both. The primary importance is ensuring that students obtain an education. The standards of treatment matter because the measures are not uniform in all schools, with Bernie's change plan.


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