Free Paper Example - Enablers of Mass Effect

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Paper Example - Enablers of Mass Effect
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The usage of media has been on the increase for several decades, with new ideas being implemented and established due to the advancement in technology, and has been of great benefit to the people. Despite these benefits of introducing and advancing media, there are side effects such as being used by terrorists to carry out their recruitment. This paper will discuss the role of media when handling terrorists, the usage of media by terrorists, and how to deal with the usage of social media by terrorists. Also, the lesson learned from this course on homeland security.

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Terrorists use media as their force multiplier, whereby they use it to get the messages that they need, and also show their actions. Terrorists usually take pictures of the places where they have caused damage and through the media distribute it since a picture is worth a thousand words(Wilkinson, 1997). Additionally, terrorists use social media as a platform for recruiting new terrorists where they create websites and pages where they get followers whom they contract. Lastly, terrorists use media to spread biased and misleading information to mislead people's belief and attitudes.

Media is a beneficial aspect when dealing with terrorists since through the use of media terrorists can be traced, and preventive measures can be established to prevent the attack. Through the media platforms, the intended authority can be able to identify the target of the terrorists (Kilroy, R. J. (Ed.). (2007). Several strategies should be used to deal with how terrorists use social media, through putting certain limitations for accessing media platforms, and regulating of the content, and data posted on the media platforms.

This course in homeland security has been of great benefit to me. My opinion concerning the use of media by terrorists can be curbed completely by blocking their websites whenever they post anything that is threatening and arresting the person. The most important thing that I learned is lethal and faster rates of terrorist attack is as a result of globalization (Echevarria & Tussing, 2003). The bible usually offers use some guidelines on matters to do with homeland security. For instance, in the book of Romans 8:31, the bible talks about God being for us, and nobody can being against us (Jewett, & Epp, 2006). This is an encouragement and assurance of God's protection in any time of need, such as terrorist attacks.


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