Free Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Published: 2017-11-09
Free Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology
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The impact that technology has in our modern life cannot be easily measured. We make use of technology in various ways. At other times, we find our lives being harmed by the technology that we implement in our societies. What people refer to modern technology is basically not something so new in most cases. A good example is the mobile phone technology has been evolving for years; today we are using smart phones that have been advanced from the ordinary mobile phone. We usually apply technology in fulfilling our roles during life. We make use of technology on our daily basis so as to accomplish a given task or interest. Modern technology has also increased our human capabilities. Modern technology has actually made life simple and thus everyone defines technology in their own way. To some people, technology is a complicated electronic device while to others it is a source of radical changes that is taking places in almost all phases of life. As some people fear using technology, others see it as a source of longer and even more complete lives

Advantages of technology

Easy information access

Due to technology, it has become very easy for one to get relevant information anywhere and at any time. Modern technologies like broadband internet have facilitated this access. a lot of data is today published and even indexed online. So many sites like Wikipedia and YouTube have got original content that one can use in either for the purpose of research or entertainment. Information according to various philosophers is power. People who always make use of information that they find always succeed in life. Due to smart gadgets like galaxy tablets, iPhone, iPads, it has become so easy for one to access information because these gadgets use internet. These gadgets have actually simplified the way we get valuable information (Masri et al, 2015)

Encourages creativity and innovation

Technology sparks the knowledge to work to its full potential due to the fact that it is very challenging. For example; it used to be very difficult to start a business in the past. Access to business information on the other hand was limited. Today, it has become very easy to even start a business at home. We have got other companies that are enabling creative people to even sell their work online. This is actually encouragement of creativity. Other companies on the other hand are helping people who are creative to easily get funds to implement their projects through crowd funding

Improved communication

Communication is very essential in life. There is no way we can develop without communication. Technology has actually given us advanced tolls of communication. these tolls include; electronic mail, mobile phones, instant text messaging applications, video conferencing and even social networking applications. These communication technology tools have made the way both human and businesses communicate. Today one can easily talk to a relative who is overseas through either video chatting services such as Skype or through a mobile phone.

The travelling convenience

Technology has brought about modern transportation tools that have made it very easy for one to travel long distances. Transport is actually very crucial in both our lives and in the business world. With years, transportation technology has been evolving. In the past, it used to be very slow to travel in long distances. It was also very expensive. Today, due to modern transportation tools like airplanes and electric trains, one can travel long distances within a very short period of time and at a very low cost.

Improved lifestyle and housing

Technology has also contributed highly in the housing sector. We find that there is a very difference between the kind of houses that people lived in 1900s and the modern architecture of houses. New architectural technology has actually made significant improvements in the kind of houses that people build today. People who are able can today afford glass homes or even town floating houses. Most of the items that we find in our houses on the other hand are automated. Doors today use fingerprints which is a guarantee of security. Homes are also today being monitored using webcams to see what is going on in our homes at any time.

Convenience in education

Learning is not only a process but also a part of our daily lives. Due to technology, students today can learn from anywhere through mobile education and online education. Students as well can use modem technology in classroom to learn better. A good example is students using iPads in sharing visual lessons with their peers in classroom. This has not only made learning convenient but also fun. New modern education technologies on the other hand are supporting individual learning. This gives students a chance to learn on their own without necessarily having to wait for their tutors.

Disadvantages of technology

Increased loneliness

There is increase in social isolation as a result of technology. People today spend most of their time playing video games, learning how they can make use of new technology and making use of social networks. This has made them neglect their social life. Technology has actually replaced our old ways of interacting. Due to the fact that a user can easily interact with so many people online, there is weird feeling that there is no need of going out to make real friends. This leads to loneliness at a later stage.

Loss of jobs

Modern technology has replaced so many people. Robots are today doing the jobs that were being done by human beings. Many firms have today employed robots in the production lines so as to increase both efficiency and production. To businesses this is good news due to the fact that they are able to serve their customers in time and even make good money. It is however bad news to employees since they are deprived offs their jobs (Wilson et al, 2005)

World destruction weapons

Modern technology has actually contributed the bigger portion in the endless wars that we are witnessing in the world today. Technology has actually aided the manufacture of war weapons that require testing. In case these weapons fall in the hands of criminals, they are in most cases uses for selfish reasons.


Due to increase in dependency on the modern tools such as calculators, there has been reduction in the peoples’ creativity. It has become very hard to find a student solving a simple mathematical equation without a calculator. This has actually affected the way students uses their brains as well as their level of creativity


Even though technology has brought about so many advantages in our lives, it has also brought significant disadvantages like job loss. It is therefore important the measures be put in place to regulate the way technology is being used especially by our children.

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