Free Essay on the Efforts to Eradicate Racism

Published: 2019-10-18
Free Essay on the Efforts to Eradicate Racism
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Currently, there exist evidence that indicates foundations concerning some of the firmly held stereotypic beliefs among them being racial prejudice. The first ground for racism is the skin color which has led to a substantial discrimination and social stratification of people in most of the countries around the globe. Some of the highly affected continents are America and Europe. Racial prejudice is mostly evident in white countries where the whites treat the blacks differently due to their skin color. However, there has had efforts to eliminate the racism via; affirmative action by use of constituted law against racial brutality and injustices, a campaign to bring a sense of anti-racism, political challenge, and manifestation of talent ability by some blacks in the field of sports and music.

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Racism formed its roots during the colonial period and by the eighteenth century, during the colonization of Americans by the Britons, most of the blacks from the African continent were treated as inferior humans as a result of racial prejudice (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). That led to social stratification to an extent of enslaving the black African-Americans. The current existence of the Black Americans is not by choice, but they were traded and conveyed to the American continent by the Britons as laborers (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). Another leading cause of the racism was that the Africans had different religious practices from those upheld by the whites (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). Segregation contained the laws commonly known as Jim Crow law' to prevent the mingling of the two races.

The development of racial prejudice came into existence by ignorance and gradually developed into an issue that intended to maim the blacks completely regarding leadership, intermarriage, and freedom among others through segregation. The African-Americans would face prosecutions upon breaking some of the laws set against them thereby making it difficult to control. However, affirmative action by mass was the only way to fight for freedom by law, sensitization of anti-racism, and revolts against the brutality and slavery in the plantations (Marshall, n.d).

Apparently, the law was conceded to overcome the prejudice. The law was set to guard some of the rights for the blacks in the constitution but still lagged on the side of implementation. Although some laws partially supported the blacks, the rules did not directly apply in the field in some regions of the United States of America (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). The NAACP was the first organization to be formed by the blacks in the year 1909 which was established to fight for the rights. The body manifested the legal action against racism and whatever went alongside with it such as the right to vote, to be included in educational programs, and sharing in other social amenities just as white (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). For instance, NAACP won some of the court rulings during its era of effort. For example, 1994 Smith vs. Allwright ruling that stated the initial treatment by the white toward blacks by the Southern part of America was illegal (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). The law also gave the blacks power to revolt against their mistreatment to guard their prejudicial policies. Therefore, the revolt organization produced some change toward acquiring freedom.

The campaign to bring a sense of anti-racism also intensified in the early twentieth century. Surprisingly the major participants of this campaign were the white. The prospected goal of the attacks was only not to show racism is wrong but also to demonstrate the society was not complete without all the races and different cultures within their vicinity (Taylor, 2003). The battle was to eliminate the original view, attitudes, and old-fashioned perceptions toward the blacks. According to a field study conducted by the Kaiser's family foundation in collaboration with the Washington post in the year 2001 indicated that there was an escalated sympathy by the whites toward the blacks and therefore more cohesion (Taylor, 2003). That clearly indicated affirmative progress.

Political reactions by mass also made a trend toward liberty and right. Despite the affirmative action, some political leader fought against the changes. For instance, some of the leaders anticipated to support the changes went against them (Taylor, 2003). Among the reactionaries to the efforts include the President George W. Bush, who insisted the dismantling of such programs by the court. Instead, he continued to ignore the support of the ongoing fight against the attitude and campaign toward racism. For instance, Bush did not stop the flying of the Confederate flag that supported the slavery in the South of Carolina (Taylor, 2003). As a result, the President Bush as a candidate in the year 2000 elections obtained as little as 10 percent of the votes from the blacks. Moreover, there was also an arrangement to wipe out almost 57000 names as voters to suppress the African-American and the immigrant's votes (Taylor, 2003). The choice of a leader showed a united effort to end the prejudice and gain the right to freedom by ruling out the leaders supporting racism.

In addition, a manifestation of the outstanding talent abilities by the blacks was significant in the eradication of racism to some extent. Despite the harsh rules, some blacks were exceptionally talented (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). For example, the famous bandleader W.C Handy became a great black musician in the year1914. He became famous of his blues known as St. Louis Blues'. Jackie Robinson, a black man, became a star in the field of sports, specifically in the baseball sector from the year 1919-1972 (Hermsen, Hanes, &Rudd, 2007). Others won themselves Nobel prizes. That made the blacks acceptable in the society they were rejected and became notable among the public.

Lastly, regarding the results of the efforts toward eradicating the racial stereotype, it cannot be supported that racism has completely ended. However, there is a substantial change today in contrast with past concerning the racism. (Taylor, 2003). The fruits of such efforts are evident today, for instance, presidency leadership in the United States of America. However, there should be vigilance toward any attempt to modify the perception of racism. The attitude and the historical view indicates the blacks were owned as assets to trade on against other valuables (Taylor, 2003).

In a nutshell, there has been an increased effort toward the diminishing of racism in the world. Political efforts such as the right to lead, awareness of sensitivity toward the other races, support in different fields such as sports, music, and writing have become some of the prominent tasks to challenge racism. Since it is a battle against a deep-rooted racism Foundation, the effort needs to continue until the culture of mistreatment diminishes, since there is no difference between a human and another despite the variation in culture, skin color, body conformation among others.


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