Essay Sample: Evolution in Architectural Intelligence

Published: 2022-03-15
Essay Sample: Evolution in Architectural Intelligence
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An architect is an intellectual who thinks of buildings as communicating ideas. People tend to think that each building is associated with a single architect and it's signed to one name. An architecture is a kind of collaborative intelligence that is associated with one single architect but connected to other architecture studios. The entire architectural community can be argued to be one single studio while focusing parallel about the possible future.

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When running the school of architecture, one has to have a highly dense part of a form of intelligence which is global. It can also be argued that the major cities have gone ahead of the research institutions. In that, the cities have dynamically accelerated faster than institutions, therefore, an institution is stupidity reduction machine meaning that an architectural school is trying to reduce the level of stupidity about by doing the most experimental work. There is a need to solve this by revisiting and completely redesign this mechanism, the ecology of ideas within the architectural education.

The best architecture is the one that the most concern of the societies and questions about what really matters in the society. A school of architecture based in Colombia are unique in the sense that they don't focus on the meaning of the architecture and they tend to leave all the workload to other related institutions to provide solutions and recommendations for their questions. The general aspect of our position in the world is dynamically changing as the speed of evolution of the global society and technology of sharing information and ideas about the environment, ideas, and the general challenges of the city. One has to think of the architectural community or culture that is based on sharing, the incubation at an open source level.

Architecture cannot be confined within a single school or city as seen in the advance set research capacity in architecture that had been tried to be set, and the question of the future is also not easy and at no point should we imagine that all best ideas should only come in one place. the beginning of university of future will be based on looking for new kind of intelligent organism that will relish the opportunity to engage and share without consideration of differences in academic level, discipline, professional and market. The global network intelligence is much importance in the modern world. Ideas can be viewed as technology since there an intimate tool that makes human to be human and they can also be biological when viewed as the biological organism which is at the same time technological expansion of our capabilities.

There is layer covering the planet that is a layer of ideas which cannot be distinguished from the world of technology .e.g social media which is a starting point for many people. And children of today put electronic first and physical thing second since at the age of 1 and 2 there are able to use iPad.

An ecology of ideas has much significance when discussing and focusing on the future of the city in that they are a kind of organic system that will improve effectively the life of the society through increasing the connection and inter-relationship within the different cities in the world.


What can improve the effectiveness of universities in addressing the architecture?

How will the future generation lives be like?

What is the impact of enhancing technology on the lives of the society?

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