Essay for You to Check: Effects of Biomedical and Bioinformatics in Nursing

Published: 2019-11-07
Essay for You to Check: Effects of Biomedical and Bioinformatics in Nursing
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Biomedical informatics stands for the optimum use of information to improve the health of the public (Henly et al. 2015). The specialists in biomedical informatics use the technology to store and retrieve the information at the time of need. The knowledge of informatics helps the health practitioners in health promotion, surveillance, and reporting.

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In the nursing profession, the systematic storage of information and their usages on the public health is a conspicuous revolution in the medical field. The early 1950s was the start of rampant use of computers in keeping health records (Henly et al. 2015). Ideally, new systems that came along with the use of computer involves the use of computerized health medical health records, the introduction of the medical information systems and the development of the clinical and bibliographic databases.

The revolution in the medical research and nursing practice was evidence after the introductions of a computer to help in the management of information (Henly et al. 2015). Notably, the advancement in the biomedical informatics due to the development of specialized knowledge in areas such as indexing and search technology, increase in the clinical databases, the publication of scientific journals, the development of logical statistics and medical consultations systems improved access of information for research.

Essentially, the nursing practice involves caring for people of all ages, preventions of illness, caring for the dying people and the disable as a way of health promotion. Ideally, the availability of information to the nursing practitioners help improves the level of care and the efficiency. The history of patients and the genetics connections is important in health promotion in health facilities. For this reason, the introductions of better ways of storing information have improved the rates of access of information in the nursing profession (Conley et al. 2013). Ideally, the access of information helps to trace the health records of patients that aid in their health promotions.

Experiencing recurring health conditions in the health facilities is common. Patients that exhibits similar health complication requires an equal measure of health care and attentions in the health practitioners. Notably, the access of information for use in the diagnosis and attention is essential for nurses. For this reason, biomedical and bioinformatics has revolutionized nursing profession and improved the efficiency of the practitioners in the field.

Emerging Technologies Helping in Patients Management

Ideally, advancement in technology is improving patients management. The introduction of smartphones that are capable of computing activities has helped the health care providers and the patients improve their medical relationships (Conley et al. 2013). Smartphones can process data, browse the internet, can help compose and send email, and support the geographic positioning systems.

Notably, smartphones help the health care providers to review patient information hence can provide medical advice to the patients. Additionally, the nurses and the doctors can review lab result for each patient with ease. In the contemporary society, the use of a computer in the storage of information in health centers is common (Bradshaw, & Lowenstein, 2013). In the same way, smartphones help the healthcare providers to access the database of the health facility and retrieve the information of the patients. The access of health records helps the health care practitioners prescribe medication for the patients.

Patients with smartphones can book appointments using the web portals in hospitals. Moreover, the individuals can access medical information from the internet using smartphones. The patients can locate the healthcare providers and pharmacist using smartphones. The use of the portable internet access gadgets helps improve patients management.

A geographic positioning system is rising in its usage in the health care. The technology helps in locating seniors especially those who have Alzheimer's and those living in isolation (Bradshaw, & Lowenstein, 2013). It helps the health care providers monitor different physical activities of the patients like walking. Moreover, the medical researchers can trace the patient with the aid of the gadget.

Radio-frequency identification is a gadget that is rising in its application and usage. The technology can work without the interventions of human beings (Bradshaw, & Lowenstein, 2013). It helps manage a patient with ease because it enables tracking, and provision of security in the health care. Patients are given tags to help in the identification. The gadget helps to track the medical equipment in the healthcare facility and in identifying counterfeit drugs.

How Informatics Affects Nursing

Informatics is shaping the various nursing practices in different dimensions. The use of technology to store and retrieve data for specific patients helps in the provision of personalized health care (Aebersold, & Tschannen, 2013). The nursing professions involve research and the interpretations of research findings. Informatics technics helps the nurses to utilize the research findings to solve common problems in the nursing career.

The application of informatics in the public health helps improve efficiency in patients management. For example, informatics is applicable in health promotion, reporting and in the surveillance. Informatics supports the management of medical records of different patients (Aebersold, & Tschannen, 2013). An electronic record is becoming a common practice in the clinical practice, and thus retrieval of information is easier. Moreover, informatics is applicable in the imaging. The storage of images and retrieval of images in the health care systems is easily accessible at the present because of the knowledge of imaging informatics.


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