Free Essay Example Describing the Travel Ad

Published: 2022-09-07
Free Essay Example Describing the Travel Ad
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Primary Message and Point of View

The primary objective in designing the travel ad was to convey a travel destination that provides a mixture of modern and cultural heritage all at one place. I intended to portray a site that offers a unique experience for the tourists by meeting and exceeding their travel expectations and experience. As such, I found Seoul with its diverse social and cultural heritage coupled with modern social and entertainments place as the dream destination for tourist. The travel ad intends to sway travelers who would like to experience and learn new ideologies which are in offer in Seoul.

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Intended Audience

The intended audiences are travel and cultural heritage enthusiasts as well as a tourist looking for a family getaway place. The travel ad targets an audience who is looking for new travel experience in a city vibrant with cultural diversity and social hang out places. Passionate travelers who long to experience a new experience regarding cultures, history and social ideologies will find the keenness in the travel ad. The prospect of having all the stated experiences as depicted by the travel will excite passionate tourist who is the intended audience. They will be eager to visit and Seoul and have first-hand experience.

Genre Conventions

The travel ad conveys the message conceptualized in the primary message. The image I used in the travel ad provides a glimpse of the cultural, historical and modernity experience that Seoul has to offer (Berger 71). In the background, there is the image of Buddha and natural vegetation. The inscription of the image is meant to present a serene and quiet environment where the travelers can relax and enjoy the rich historical cultures offered by the Korean people as the image of Buddha illustrate (Clark 81). The foreground of the travel ad image represents a dynamic and modern city which is rich with K pop culture which increases on the experiences. The ad tries to sway the audience in opting for Seoul due to its massive adventure and experience.

Image and Slogan Compatibility

A good travel add should incorporate the visual and slogan to communicate to the intended target effectively. In the process of deciding the images to accompany the slogan, I considered the audience interests and responses. The photos provide a natural background illustrating the beautiful scene of natural resources on offer at Seoul in addition to its rich historical, cultural background as depicted in the travel ad image by the sculpture of Buddha. I also wanted to illustrate the dynamic and modernity nature of Seoul thus attaching a foreground of the illuminated city which implies the rich K pop culture on offer. The image seems to convey the same message as the slogan that places Seoul as an ultimate travel destination with unique experiences.

Image Reflection on the Culture

The selected image for the travel ad fits perfectly into delivery the intended message that places Seoul as travel destination rich with history, culture and social ventures. The picture I adopted for the travel ad depicts Seoul history as the images of Buddha sculptures which appears at both the background and forefront implies. The background of the image reflects Seoul's natural vegetation which is found in various parks offering a serene environment for the travelers. The foreground of the ad images is specifically chosen to project the dynamic city and pop culture that Seoul has to offer.

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