Free Essay with a Literary Response to the Declaration of Independence

Published: 2019-03-11
Free Essay with a Literary Response to the Declaration of Independence
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An importance of equality, liberty and human rights

The Declaration of Independence is a speech that has a great global impact on the importance of equality, liberty and human rights. In the Preamble, Jefferson explains how colonies have abandoned their ruler King George III and adopted separate leadership around the globe. The King imposed heavy taxes on the colonies that had no representation to end his brutal leadership. The Declaration of Independence speech highlights the importance of freedom and self-expression.

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The author asserts the importance of abandoning oppressive political bands and instead, adopts nature laws that advocate equality and respect of all people. In addition, he argues that prudence is an important virtue that when it lacks, humanity is likely to suffer under an evil leadership regime (1). Governments have the role of securing rights created by God. Similarly, the ruling regimes should allow God to play a role in the leadership of the nations. When the government denies the people the rights and privileges provided by God, then the public has the right of overthrowing it (Jefferson 1).

From the speech, it is evident that there are heroes who risk and sacrifice to support the God given rights of men. The emotions in the text gradually build up throughout the writing, therefore arousing the need to create a harmony and equality in the world. Although the colonies tried to reach an agreement with the King of England, they were continually ignored and had no choice but to declare their independence from Britain. The new nation was named the United States of America and had the sovereignty to make alliances, peace, trade, and engage in war (Jefferson 4).

In conclusion, The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson highlights the importance of self-expression and unity among all people. The King of England oppressed his colonies, and despite their protests, he ignored their call. As a result, they were forced to break away and form their independent nation. The speech asserts the importance of upholding equality among all people. Similarly, when the government fails to honor the natural laws, the people have the right of breaking off and establishing a new regime.

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Jefferson, Thomas. The Declaration of Independence.

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