Reflection Essay Sample: Approaches to Education

Published: 2022-05-26
Reflection Essay Sample: Approaches to Education
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Through education, an aspect of culture is either developed or passed on. For this reason, there are two approaches to education: transmitting the culture and reconstructing the culture. For me, reconstructing the culture is more appealing because it gives an opportunity to keep track of the latest trends. At the same time, I believe that with reconstruction, certain stereotypes and discrimination can be eliminated. This approach enables students to see the world in a perspective that suits the developments as opposed to transmitting the culture which does not allow removal of vices.

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As much as I advocate for reconstructing the culture, I am also open-minded to the transmitting the culture approach. Certain information is crucial and needs to be passed down from the older generation to the children. Transmission of culture will be beneficial only if the good aspects are selected while at the same time, those that are non-beneficial are ignored. For instance, if the community has a history of racism, it will be suitable to get rid of such a notion when passing down the culture. This approach will also help in making parents more active in their children's lives.

In my high school, several purposes were met. First of all, I became challenged intellectually not only by the teachers and the subjects they taught but also, by my fellow students. I believe that the knowledge and mathematical skills are the most significant intellectual contribution of being in school. The political and civic awareness created by the school helped me understand various cultures and to develop patriotism for my country. I even became a champion for the problems facing the community and often took part in volunteer community service. The high school played an economic role because I came to understand the art of saving and the need to work to uplift status in society. As for the social purpose, the evidence is in the ability to form new friendships and morals in society. The intellectual purpose was more dominant in my community because my parents and every other grownup was focused on academics and hence, the pressure to perform was very high.

Meeting the developmental goals is more crucial in Middle School years than other periods in the life of students. This is because one attends middle school at the start of teenage. During the age between 11 and 13, there are many changes to a person regarding physical and psychological characteristics. It is at this point that there is a sense of awareness in what goes on around. With the proper achievement of developmental goals, the result will be a focused student strong in body, mind, and character and with high self-esteem.

It is a common belief that high school years are the best years of life. I tend to agree with this belief because of my personal experiences as well as those I have witnessed. Being in high school means that you are still young and need the care and guidance of parents but at the same time, you are old enough to make certain decisions. It is at this point where friendships are built and exposure to some luxuries. It is in high school that people meet their first girlfriends and boyfriends. A high school is a place where the student gets enough freedom to have fun and begins to understand the meaning of independence. It is in high school at the age of sixteen that most students learn how to drive and if lucky enough, they are bought their first car. Therefore, it is needless to say that high school years are the most enjoyable and filled with happy moments.

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