Free Essay on How Erhard Lost and Regained Himself

Published: 2022-05-04
Free Essay on How Erhard Lost and Regained Himself
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As a child, John Paul Rosenberg had a close relationship with his mother and had an inquisitive personality. His curiosity persisted to his adolescent years where he became a profuse reader and managed to upgrade and maintain superior grades in his academic. Although the relationship between John Paul and his mother was close knit at an early age, passionate family conflicts emerged in his teenage years. These events led to him feeling disappointed, unsatisfied, and unconfident in the quality of the life he was living. The crisis cut deep into his personality and made him to make some permanent decisions, such as marrying his high school sweetheart and first love, Pat Campbell. Their romance was wild and he impregnated her in the process. The turn of events led him to change drastically and take a U-turn in life. For instance, John Paul could no longer pursue his higher education, get certificates, and pursue a decent education. Accordingly, he looked for an alternative means of earing revenue and settled for low-paying jobs such as selling cars, plumbing, and heating to take care of his young family. It is perhaps his exposure to these odd jobs, self-education, and his unique childhood experiences that provided him with the motivation to form the 'est' training program.

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As soon as Warner attained the age of 21, he had become a successful car dealer, perhaps the best in the city for the dealership that he was working for. By the time he became twenty five, John Poe had fathered four children, all of whom he was taking care of and this increased his stress, restlessness, and constrains. He began to develop doubts about staying in his marriage with Campbell since it was not serving him or adding value to his life. His route to escapism was through an affair, which started off as a friendship, with a woman called Jude Bryde. He even fancied the idea of eloping to Philadelphia with her and leaving behind his four children and wife, Patricia. He actually acted on the plan and resurfaced after twelve long years of absence. Once they arrived in Philadelphia, John Paul and Jude Bryde bought a home in St. Louis. They both changed their names and John Paul became Warner Erhard while June changed hers to Ellen Erhard.

In St. Louis, Ellen Erhard continued to practice his long life career of selling cars. He was so successful that he was accommodated in the Parents Magazine. Following his new found fame, Warner Erhard got two promotions in the year that followed. First, h was offered the position of a training manager and he later became the entity's vice president in 1967. The new job in the magazine required that he travel frequently and he often found himself in the larger America. The new work schedule encouraged him to settle in the San Francisco. The magazine which he was collaborating with changed management leading to a change of posts for Warner Erhard. Under the management of the Time-Life Group, Erhard became the Division Manager so that he could impart his straightforward nature, integrity, and honesty to the practices of the company's sales.

As his career thrived, Erhard's search for his identity and personality finally made sense. He was able to come to terms with who he was as a person and what he cherished after creating the 'est' program. His newly found sense of identity made him to embrace his life and get comfortable with uncomfortable situations. The first thing he did was to reconnect with his first family; Patricia and their four children. By then, she had already divorced Erhard on the basis of dissertation and got married to another man. She and her four children had been relying on national welfare and support from friends and family. He even made an arrangement to support his children through college and repay Pat's parents for the financial support they had provided in his absence.

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