Free Essay on My Experience with Exercising Every Day

Published: 2019-06-25
Free Essay on My Experience with Exercising Every Day
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Learning something new can be a daunting task yet quite exciting. With motivation and the right attitude, one can set out a new task and achieve by being consistent in what they do. Exercising every day has been my childhood dreams. The dreams that have been motivated by the way my aunt who was staying with us then practiced each day. She will wake up every other day and out jogging in the streets, she will then head to college after which she will hit the gym in the evening. The result of the physical exercise that my aunt consistently invested in was quite unusual as she has a perfect body physique that everyone admired. There is need for a perfect body physique like that of my aunt, who today is a consistent exerciser and does her exercise on a daily basis. Though she has already given birth, she still maintains her perfect physique that seems not to wear out as she ages. According to Northrup, women tend to increase in body size after delivering as a result of both hormonal and body stress that they endure as a result of giving birth. The hormones have been credited with increasing the weight of newborn mothers, together with the inactiveness they tend to go through during the period (67).

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Doing further research on the importance of regular exercising motivated me to come up with a schedule that will see me actively exercise. Exercising regularly not only makes one flexible as their muscles get adapted to the regular movement but also helps one in getting rid of the bodys excess fats. This helps one not to get some infections that are as a result of the excess body fats that tend to provide a good breeding environment for them. Furthermore, regular exercising keeps one alert as their minds become sharp as a result of the exercise increasing the efficiency of one's brain cells. Regular physical exercise makes one focus on the positivity in life as one has no time to for other irrelevant activities (Siddiqui, Nessa, and Hossain, 155-156). The research was a mind opening opportunity as it helped me make up mind on its significance. After consulting my aunt who I considered a veteran she affirmed most of the finding I had. This gave me the motivation to hit on the pitch running as early as possible.

With the motivation to begin exercising, I realize that with no workout plan I had no through way to achieve my dreams. I had to consult widely to come out with a plan of what I had to do while out exercising. The help of my aunt was quite significant at this period; when I insisted on what she did during the frequent exercises that she frequently devoted her time in, that was when she realizes that I was interested in being like her. She gave me a detailed explanation of what she did while in the field exercising. The explanation was an eye opener as it was only then that I realized that her regular exercise entailed many things that one required to know before setting out. Alternatively, she said that one can use a physical trainer who is a professional for a better outcome after sometimes with the trainer one gets the experience of what needs to be done and is quite free to set out on their own. Due to the cost of hiring a coach being enormous, I was forced to go back to the drawing board to come up with a strategy that can make me acquire the knowledge required to benefit efficiently from the task I was setting myself.

According to Siddiqui, Nessa, and Hossain physical exercise is any body part activity that maintains and enhances the physical fitness and the health and wellness of an individual. One can perform a physical exercise for different reasons including as a leisure activity, to strengthen one's body muscle, to get fit, to horn one's skills especially sporting skills like football, athletics, strengthening the cardiovascular system and for weight loss (155). Physical exercises take many forms, and one is at liberty to choose any as per their aim of taking the exercise in the first place. Setting out my objective as getting fit, strengthening my muscles and a leisure activity that I could thoroughly enjoy. I had to set out the main activities that I had to pursue to achieve my aim, as the saying goes, a man who plans has everything set out for them. To get into physical training Strohle asserts that one to start step by step taking on the easy physical exercises for their bodies to adapt, this is especially when one has been inactive for quite sometimes. Start with low demanding activities like jogging helps activate the body muscle slowly making one not to strain them (781). According to Ortega, Ruiz, Castillo and Sjostrom starting with light exercises even for an accomplished physical exercise is quite good for one to simulate their muscles before embarking on any strenuous and energy-demanding activity. During physical exercises one sweats, the sweat is as a result of the increased metabolic activities in the body initiated by the exercise. As a result of sweating, the body loses the excess water in the body, many times the water lost through sweating is so enormous in that the body will demand to be replenished, making the person doing the exercise feel thirsty thus the need to carry fresh water whenever doing physical exercise (2-3).

Strohle asserts that for one to carry out the physical exercise they have to do so in right attires. The attires need to be quite flexible for one to exercise without any constraint to their bodies. The flexibility of the attires will allow their muscle to use freely. Furthermore, tight clothing is quite difficult to train in as they hamper movement especially in exercises that are quite movement demanding. One has to arm themselves with training attires if indeed they want to enjoy from physical exercising. The choice of the exercising venue needs to be superb as one needs a place that has enough circulation of clean air; the place should be free from any obstacle that may cause any injury to the trainee. Harm, especially from physical hazards, can be one of the greatest demotivators for exercising. Furthermore, while using exercising machine especially in a gym; one has to be under the instruction of a gym instructor. The gym instructor is a qualified individual who is highly knowledgeable in the working of the gym instruments; they are instrumental in ensuring that no one gets injured during training and the time they spend at the gym (778).

The best exercising time according to Knuth and Pedro is in the morning and evening, this as a result of reduced body activities during such time. Exercising in the morning is the best as the body muscles are more relaxed as a consequence of the time spends the night. Exercising in the morning further helps the body stay active throughout the day while evening exercising helps ones body muscle to tire hence having a good sleep. The exercising time had to s convenient in that they will not interfere with my other days activities. Having a set time for the exercise is quite important; time spent during exercise is mostly determined by the purpose of the exercise. Sports and body building exercises mostly demand vigorous exercise and a lot of time during the exercising activity to ensure successful outcomes for their objectives (548).

With the different requirements well set out, I prepared to go out for my maiden exercise the following day. Though I was to schedule to go for the exercise with my aunt, she called early that she had some job commitments that she had to attend to and was forced to travel the same night. I could not wait for the morning to come. Though unsure of what hold for me come morning I was with high expectation. I walked up forty minutes early than the set time. I could not go back to sleep as I anticipated to go out. The plan for the first exercise was to start with jogging. To beginning with simple warm up exercises, to stimulate the body muscles. Before setting out for a physical exercise, one of the key strategies for exercising is to start with a warm up exercise. According to Verplanken, and Ole warm up is an essential part of exercising as it prepares key body organs for the task ahead. The heart and the lungs are key in any physical activities that the body gets in; any emergency energy-demanding activity that the organs get into abruptly makes it strain hence the need to ensure that they slowly adapt to the energy-demanding activity by the warm up exercise (15). I was to take a one and a half kilometer to and fro jog as advised by aunt. Starting little was to ensure that I do not overwork my body. Though I had initially objected to the few kilometers initially suggested; over the night I had thought of increasing the distance to three to make it six kilometers. After few hundreds of meters, I was out of breath and was forced to slow down my pace. By the time, I had reached the landmark house that marked the end of my one and half kilometers no energy was left within me. I summed up my energy and pushed hard to jog back home; though I tried my best but was forced to walk the remaining half of the kilometer back home. I thanked God for it was on the weekend as I fell asleep on the couch as soon as I reached the house. The tiring effect of the exercise lasted the whole day, going to bed still drained. Though I was supposed to go for an early exercise the following day, I could not take on early planned activities as due to oversleeping. The tiring effect of the exercise was still felt by the next day, the words of my aunt encouraged me as she had asserted that the first month of the exercise would be an uphill task as the body struggled to adapt to the activity.

For three weeks, I focused on the three kilometers sometimes in the company of my aunt who seemed not to be tiring. Though in I almost gave up during many times my aunt and my conscience could not allow me. Soon I started feeling less tired with the morning exercise and soon started catching up with aunt. According to a study conducted by Ortega, Ruiz, Castillo and Sjostrom my body had now adapted to the exercises, hence exercising was no longer a strenuous activity (5). Soon we increased the jogging distance and incorporated some new exercise activities in the jogging. Utilizing her vast skills in physical exercise, aunt slowly incorporated rope jumping, squats, and press ups each time we were through with the morning jog. Though most of the incorporated skills were quite difficult as some, I was interacting with for the first time. With continuous repetition of the exercises, I started doing them well and more frequently becoming better and better. Furthermore, the improvement and the commitment soon started bearing fruit and the change in my physique was open for everyone to see. Shading of some of my fatty body part was evident as my friends and family members could not stop commenting on the changes that I espoused.

The improvement in my self-esteem started manifesting in my life as I became more self-confident. I knew the changes in my body were a great boost to my physique that had become more admirable. The improvement in the way I conversed improved and could actively participate in various teamwork activities both at school and home. An improvement in a person's physical appearances reflects in their psychological thoughts and how they thing about themselves, this is, especially when the changes are noticed and appreciated. Positive change that is noted and appreciated leads to positivity in the person's attitude towards life and the vice versa (Northrup, 24).

The ability to be consistent with the exercises made my aunt takes me as her training mate. We would plan together about the following day's exercise, hence was always aware of what the next day carried. Though aunt most time has two sessions for exercising, I prefer to have the morning session that I a...

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