Essay Example on the Malcolm's Speech

Published: 2019-10-07
Essay Example on the Malcolm's Speech
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And they all cried in unison: Hail, King of Scotland! and they all asserted me of their loyalty and trustworthiness. They, my thanes and kinsmen, who later became earls, the first that ever Scotland in such an honour named (Shakespeare) and my dear counsellors, placed their confidence in me. I could not betray their trust. I had to restore peace and prosperity in the country which had known so much suffering from the hands of the dead butcher and his fiend-like queen (Shakespeare). So many challenges stood in front of me like sentry on their duty. The strife that broke out in our realm brought war and poverty and suspicion to my people. I had to fight them and to show my country that I was a king worthy of my divine throne and their trust.

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And my first step was to honor the heroes of the siege, those soldiers who fought fiercely and courageously. This I did with royal generosity. Further on I prevented marauding by announcing that any soldier caught in the act would be sentenced to death. And thus I showed that I took good care of my army but also was merciful to the common folk. Mercy is an attribute of noble minds and souls. Scotland had seen enough blood streaming in rivers down the streets in the times of Macbeths rule. I did not want to spill any more. I forgave Macbeths supporters. But all their lands and possessions were confiscated and divided between my loyal liege men. I know that power must be granted only to those who have shown their true nature to be virtuous and just.

I also promised my true friends that their children would get the best education possible and that they will be always welcome at my court. But my foes children will also find their place close to my throne. The youth is the future of the country. By making young people my allies I hope to grow a tree which will feed me when I am old and weak.

I know how to be grateful and to remember good that has been done to me and to my brother. This is why I signed a treaty with the English king who gave us shelter and supported us in the times of this terrible ordeal. I hope that it will strengthen our friendship and keep us united in the face of any future challenges to come.

The king is the only hope of his people. His divine power should be used to make this mortal coil not so tiresome for them. The people of Scotland had suffered much from the usurpers hands and greed. War had ruined their peaceful lives and crafts. It had wasted their lands and killed their cattle. To make this burden easier to bear I chose to reduce the taxes which let them to rebuild their houses and start their lives anew.

I also ordered my best poets to create songs and poems about the heroes of the siege and Macbeths evil deeds. Memory is the best antidote against the poison of war. As long as people remember the bloody tragedy that turned the country into dark chaos of murder and treason, as long as the memory of it is kept alive by the minstrels and the bards, I believe my eyes will not see these terrible events repeated. The word has power to ignite such passion that can turn a spark into a fire devouring whole countries. This I know for sure. I ordered travelling actors to tell stories about Macbeths vile acts and death and to make their narrative so bright and vivid that no one ever will doubt the kings divine right to wear his crown.

I know that new rebellions will surely arise and I will have to be cruel only to be kind. But now my country is peaceful and prosperous. And when I go to sleep I hear their cries: Hail, King of Scotland!, and I feel I cannot betray their trust in me.

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