Essay Sample on Effect of COVID-19 on Unemployment Worldwide

Published: 2023-07-30
Essay Sample on Effect of COVID-19 on Unemployment Worldwide
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The coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole world in a big way and affected the normal way of living of people in different ways. The economic sector has been hugely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world. The worst of all happened when the World Health Organization pronounced COVID-19 as a global pandemic, which is a risk to the lives of so many people. A lot has been messed by the outbreak of the pandemic, with a large population losing their jobs as a result of the economic problems created by this disease. A large population of people worldwide is living without jobs; thus, it is hard for them to survive and lead their lives in a normal way. Discussed in this paper are the various ways through which COVID-19 has impacted on employment as far as the population of the world is concerned.

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How Has COVID-19 led to Unemployment?

As stated earlier, there is a lot that has been affected in negative ways by the COVID-19 disease outbreak. One of the main areas which have raised concerns in the entire world is employment as many people have lost their jobs due to the disease. The loss of jobs has subsequently created other greater problems in people's lives. A large number of people in the whole world rely on employment in organizations and companies where they work as laborers for a wage. There is a great level of dependence between one country and the other for the supply of the essential commodities which these countries need to keep their companies and manufacturing firms up and running (Kawohl). It is through the export and import of goods or rather commodities from one country to the other that a steady flow of work in companies and organizations can be maintained. With the outbreak of the respiratory disease COVID-19, almost all the countries around the globe have locked their boundaries, and they are no longer allowing airplanes or ships to go out into other countries and back.

The only cases which are being allowed to cause the airplanes and water vessels to travel to other areas of the world are the cases that are very sensitive and which must be acted upon immediately. As a result of the serious travel restrictions and business practices as usual as a measure to regulate the spread of Corona Virus, the work in companies and other organizations that rely on international business has been affected in a negative way. In the first place, the companies which are employers of the population are not able to get the necessary materials that they require to carry out their daily production processes (Gangopadhyaya). When the situation got worse, and the lack of international raw materials to facilitate work in companies and all world organizations intensified, it has been no longer necessary for the companies to have large numbers of people in their premises and yet there is no work that these people are doing in those companies. The only thing that the stakeholders of the organizations had to do was to reduce the number of people available in their premises and remain with only a few people who are there to handle the tasks that are vital and must be done each and every day. With this, it is evident that the largest percentage of people in companies and organizations is the one that has lost employment due to the COVID 19 pandemic (Beland et al.). It is not even clear that after the pandemic ends, these people will get their jobs back since the companies have gone bankrupt over the period of time that they have had no good sources of income. In addition, as the employers struggle to pay loans and debts that they had borrowed earlier before the outbreak, they have been exposed to the risk of closing completely and failing to reopen after the pandemic.

Apart from the companies and work organizations that have reduced their numbers of workers in the event of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are others that have completely shut their operations and announced that there is no more work for their employees and even stakeholders until further communication is made and the only hope is that the disease will end soon and the companies get working again (Kawohl). All the blame is to go to the COVID-19 pandemic and not the companies or the employers of these people because they have been cornered and confused by the disease such that they cannot operate as usual even if they want to. There is no usual business, and the profit margins have extremely gone down even for those businesses that are still in operation today.

The other thing that has contributed to the loss of jobs and income for many people is the precaution given by the World Health Organization that people keep a distance of a few meters in the workplace and that those who don't obey this directive will face the law and be treated as the breakers of the directives given by WHO to protect the health of the people. Therefore the companies began fearing that they may have many employees on their premises and end up falling into problems with the law. The only available solution which could have been used to curb this was to reduce the number of employees in the organization so that they can be able to keep a safe social distance to avoid the spread of Corona Virus (Gangopadhyaya). Moreover, the imposition of measures like curfews and lockdowns in other parts and countries of the world has made it impossible for people to report to their organizations of work as usual. For example, areas with high cases of COVID-19 have been totally locked down, and the people in those areas made to stay within the areas. Owing to the fact that not all the people in such areas work there, they have been restricted from accessing their workplaces and ended up losing their jobs for this.

Recently, it has been common for companies to give their employees compulsory leaves. The compulsory leaves are mostly not paid, and this has made it hard for these employees to survive and continue well with their lives at home. At some point, the employers are not telling the employees the reason why they are sending them on compulsory leave or even how long the leave should last (Beland et al.). Most people and analysts are considering this action of employers as a way of firing or rather discontinuing the employment of these employees in an indirect way. Actually, many employees who are not working right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic do not know the fate of their jobs even after the coronavirus gets eradicated. They are living in fear that they may not be able to get back to their work again, and their lives will be affected more negatively if this pandemic continues to spread.

Employees or the people in the population depend on their jobs to survive and afford the necessary commodities for their life. In this situation, when most of them have lost their employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their lives have been affected so much, and the poverty levels in the societies are increasing immensely. So many people, especially the ones who do hand-to-mouth jobs, are not able to afford most of their basic needs, especially food. Access to proper medication for the families in which their relatives and the breadwinners have lost their jobs has become a problem, and thus the health of these people has continued to go down with time (Beland et al.). There are people who heavily rely on their jobs for the education of their children, and with no jobs due to the Corona Virus pandemic, these people are now not sure which means they will use to pay for the education of their children when schools resume. All these problems are being associated with the outbreak of the pandemic and are known to end when the pandemic has been fully dealt with.

Measures by the Various Governments to Stabilize the Economy and Help the Population

Due to all the problems that have been created in the world by Corona Virus as far as the employment of the people and the economic welfare are concerned, the governments of the respective countries have had a responsibility to chip in and make sure that everything is well for their citizens. In addition, when it comes to the economy of the countries, there has been a huge drawback. Therefore it has been vital for the government leaders to put in place measures to stabilize the economy and avoid more negative effects (Gangopadhyaya). A lot has been done to mitigate and solve these problems, which have been affecting the population. The governments say that they will continue doing all that they can to make sure that their people live their lives well even during this pandemic. Some of the things that have been done by the government to help the population are discussed below;

Food is a problem for many people in the population, and more so the ones who have no stable jobs or they earn very little from the jobs they do. The governments have decided to set aside some funds so that they can help to supply food and other commodities to the families that are not able to afford most of these basic needs. In addition, the aged people are vulnerable to the disease and have to be well taken care of so that, in any case, they don't succumb to the problems which have been caused by COVID 19 (Beland et al.). Various governments in the world have therefore set up strategies and set some money aside to help feed the old needy people and ensure that they have a good survival during this time of COVID-19. The food and other basic needs which are being given out by the governments to the population are being given to the people who can completely get anything for themselves.

The orphans and widows, as well as street children, are among the most considered individuals in the effort of the governments to ensure that they support the populations. They have been given the first priority in the program of the governments to supply the population with commodities (Gangopadhyaya). The main problem is that there are so many people who want to get this help and or assistance from the government. The amount of money that has been set aside is not enough to support the entire population and provide them with all that they need at this time. There is a call for governments to do more and invest more in helping their people lead normal lives during this situation when jobs have been affected, and so many people are living without an income.

For the government to carry out its roles and duties well and then extend, it's had to support the population. There is a need to ensure that the economy is well. The economy has been affected negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic because many sources of income for the government are not operating (Kawohl). Governments rely on imports and exports as sources of revenue, which is used to fund the daily projects and operations of the governments. They also depend on the revenue they get from the internal business organizations, and with most of them being closed up due to Corona Virus, it has been really hard for the governments to get a good flow of income. Instead, the governments are spending more than they are earning each day in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics show that governments will soon not be able to fund most of their operations if the pandemic continues in the pace that it is doing.

The governments are trying to stabilize the economy by making sure that the money that had been set aside for other projects is utilized in fighting the pandemic. Additionally, they are advising that people who are able to work from home while still keeping safe and avoiding the spread of COVID-19 continue working and avoiding the transmission of the virus. Businesses are being allowed to operate and keep generating income (Gangopadhyaya).

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