To the University College Absalon. Paper Example

Published: 2023-04-20
To the University College Absalon. Paper Example
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I write this letter to express my interest in a comprehensive study in Biotechnology Engineering in Kalundborg City. I choose this program because it combines the medical and industrial applications of Biotechnology. Kalundborg is known as the city of Biotechnology, where the world-leading pharmaceutical companies are located. Additionally, Kalundborg has the world's most significant insulin production, so I chose this Bachelor program in this city in particular because in each semester there is a project with teamwork in one of the reputable companies in the city, therefore, after graduation, I expect to have extensive experience in the industrial field. My ultimate goal in the future is to build my own pharmaceutical company in Egypt, which will be entirely dependent on biotechnological processes.

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I was amazed by the city as well as the spirit of the students there. I met students from different backgrounds, and on that day, I saw myself as a student among such promising and inspiring academic environments at Cairo University.

Consequently, I have the utmost aim of unraveling the necessary expertise in upstream and downstream processes as well as an interest in understanding how cells are utilized in the production of medicine and food products. The survey of Biotechnology will bolster my finesse in providing a quality life for people put down by various illnesses. On the other hand, the discipline is envisioned to be an updated version of Biological Sciences because of the underlying benefits in it, like the understanding of microorganisms and how they are used in large-scale industrial processes such as antibodies production. Nonetheless, acquiring a detailed degree in the concept will broaden my intentions of improving health services in my country by unraveling many diagnoses and finding a cure to various diseases. Additionally, I won an Erasmus scholarship in 2018 and lived in Poland for eight-month. I have laboratory experience as I worked with a research group at Jagiellonian University in Poland for three months in the Biochemistry department.

However, with all the interests and paramount objective of being a leading biotechnology expert in my home country, I am hindered from pursuing the course effectively due to financial problems. Lest I forget, I seek financial assistance to support my scholarship program in the city. Lastly, I express my utmost gratitude for having the most prestigious opportunity to meet the students and administrators and to have an insight look at the laboratories. Consequently, I also attended the open house at Kalundborg, organized by the relevant administrators, and had an insight into their laboratories. I hope my 3.5/4 GPA at Cairo University that qualified me in 2018 to get a scholarship in Poland will play a role in getting a scholarship in Denmark. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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