Skills for Disruptive Digital Business - Free Essay with the Article Review

Published: 2022-03-31
Skills for Disruptive Digital Business - Free Essay with the Article Review
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This article by Maria Jose and Alvaro Rocha called Skills for disruptive digital business focuses on the identification of necessary skills for disruptive digital business managers. Also, it provides a suggestion of a skills development model which is connected with the evolution of the market. The authors agree that this process of identifying skills is a daunting task for an organization, especially for specialists in information technology managing disruptive businesses. Information technology is critical is the creation of new disruptive companies which require the development of specific competencies. This article analyses Cloud and Mobile technologies, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data. Moreover, the authors identify the disruptive emerging digital businesses emerging from the influence of the already-mentioned technologies in the market. There is also an exploration of the skills required by managers in managing disruptive companies. The authors conclude with the findings from the research and the proposed skill development model for managers in disruptive digital businesses (Sousa & Rocha, 2018).

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There is a literature review section which has articles and responses from scholars on this topic. Under this section, there are subsections including the skill concept, and emerging IT. The skill concept has had much relevance because of economic, organizational and technological factors. Skills are viewed as resources of an organization and an individual, which guarantee advantages of productivity and competitiveness in organizations. The emerging IT analyzed is the internet, big data, nanotechnology, robotics, mobile technologies and cloud technology which are believed to have resulted in transformations in society and companies. Organizations increase digital offerings including mobility, analytics, smart-embedded devices and social media into their core activities. Digital technology is viewed as the fifth strategic plan for organizations because of how it manifests in big data analytics. The importance of digital technologies rests in the creation of consumer and user communities, providing channels of e-commerce and building of brands (Sousa & Rocha, 2018).

There are also research questions which guide the overall course of the research which are derived from interviews with specialists in IT and literature review. The means through which the research questions are ascertained are analyzed through the research methodology section. Accordingly, the digital businesses which emerge from IT include process monitoring, analytics, digital and mobile learning and distributed manufacturing amongst many others. The necessary skills for specialists in IT are divided into innovative, leadership, and management skills. Creative skills include capacity to diversify, exploit new opportunities, take risks, and establish networks and project management. The identified leadership skills are those connected to the development of performance, improvement of satisfaction of employees, communication skills and managing cultural differences. Finally, the managerial skills include work organization, knowledge of different technologies, the capacity of adapting to changes in the organization and maintaining strategic alliances and deals (Sousa & Rocha, 2018).

The article provides a proposed mode for disruptive business skill development, and these approaches are derived from the skills required of a business leader. The authors indicate that when implemented, this model will enhance acquisitions of skills which are connected to the development of a business. These are inclusive of the adoptable strategies. The authors finalize the article by providing limitations on the research and areas for future study. The restrictions include the selection of a small study sample (147 participants) and the collection of skills through interviews only. Areas of future studies which are provided in this article are needed for larger samples, assessing the size and impacts of identified gaps and assessing the process of skill development (Sousa & Rocha, 2018).


Sousa, M. J., & Rocha, A. (2018). Skills for disruptive digital business. Journal of Business Research. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2017.12.051

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