Essay Example: College is Not for Everyone

Published: 2023-03-27
Essay Example: College is Not for Everyone
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Getting a college education is critical, for it enables people to enjoy various benefits. However, the education level is not for everyone due to the various adverse issues that it raises in their life. It causes stress, delaying the process of financial independence, and it can lead to the lowering of a graduate's credit score. Employers may reject them for failing to have clearance letters from the loan body and reduce their ability to realize further education.

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A significant number of students delay loans advanced by the government to undertake their college education. When they graduate, not all students manage to get employment, and the debt burden weighs heavily on them. The issue causes stress and lowers their desire to become financially independent. The inability to have control of the borrowed amount is a factor that leads students to have a difficult life. They mostly leave college with a huge debt than the amount that they can afford to pay, and this tends to affect them psychologically. The fact that the loan continues to accumulate and their inability to secure employment complicates matters further and makes it hard to set measures on the way that the loans will be paid (Pells, 2017). There is no guarantee that they will get employment, considering that the poorly performing economies in the world are experiencing retrenchments. Therefore, the worry about the unknown causes stress, leading to some students to commit suicide.

The inability to pursue dreams such as enrolling for a master's degree is diminished by having the college loan considering that the beneficiaries will be needed to pay the first amount advanced. Therefore, they are likely to remain at the level of college education if they do not have another source of income. When they get employment, much of the funds they are getting are directed toward paying of these loans meaning that they have to delay other financial obligations (Kantrowitz, 2019). They may take an extended duration of time before they can acquire a home, or car, or get married.

Student loans are given lower the standard of living and determine the dream that an individual can pursue. Therefore, when a graduate gets a low-paying job, they are likely to forage it in search of an opportunity that pays more to help in settling the loan. The issue may mean that these graduates are not getting many chances of employment as they would have desired. Therefore, the college is not for everyone, considering that it has adverse issues that it triggers in the lives of the people that enroll in the program. In most cases, when the financial flow is not favorable, a student may fail to make the payment when required, and this lowers their credit score, limiting their ability to get future loans (Dickler, 2017). Organizations in the current world are making it a requirement for potential workers to provide a clearance letter from the loan body. If a graduate is unable to secure the letter because they have not cleared their loan, they are likely to lose an employment opportunity.

In conclusion, college education should not be undertaken by everyone considering that it has many adverse effects that it causes in the life of the person that enrolls in learning institutions. It causes stress in their life when they are unable to settle their obligations, and it makes them delay their desire to become financially independent. Late payment may lower their credit score, lead to low standards of living and even lead to being rejected by employers.


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