Free Essay Sample on Diversity (Policing in Black America)

Published: 2022-10-21
Free Essay Sample on Diversity (Policing in Black America)
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Diversity is the difference that exists among people. In today's generation, diversity has been accepted as a mainstay of society. The society is multicultural, and interaction with other cultures is something that has become a common feature. All throughout history, society has been taught that there are better and more advanced races and groups of people. As such, there are other segments of the society that have borne the tag of being less than ordinary and this tag is still present today even as society grows closer together (Banks & Banks, 2010). Indeed, the black American society has all through history carried the tag of being a lesser group of people which all through history has seen them not get privileges as compared to their white counterparts (Calder, 2004).

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Because of the reasons described above, the black race has carried a tag that is still existent today albeit in a passive fashion. Indeed, as a student, I have learned that the problems of diversity still impact society and are inexistent today. It is true that society is more accepting of people of all races and tribes and this is evidenced in many areas, and the best example is in the election of former president Barrack Obama. However, there was a part of the society that was and is still living in denial of the growth in diversity that is existent in the world (Wolfe & Fletcher, 2013).

Diversity's role in society has been misconstrued to mean having an inclusive relationship. I have experienced this particular problem where organizations and schools feel that having more diverse races, cultures and people shows how diverse they are (Sarkar, 2010). However, diversity is all about representation, and whether people are included in the environment or organization, they are found. It is common knowledge that universities have special placements that solely look at race, disability, and other features that are a minority all to preach the inclusive gospel rather than having these persons participate and represent the school (Hero, 2007).

Analyzing diversity is essential as it has made it easy to understand the true meaning of diversity, the importance of diversity, my interaction with people both in a professional and personal context and what I can add to the diversity debate regarding the whole diversity topic. Indeed, diversity has grown into a significant element of society whose importance cannot be ignored or downplayed. The history of America and the evolution of American society carries much of the blame for the existing diversity especially on racial lines (Salam et al., 2014). Black Americans have had the biggest issue with segregation all through their history. Even at this moment, there are tags associated with the black society that causes them to be treated in a different way from the rest of society. As indicated, the Black Lives Matter issue was born from a wrong judgment. Worse still, it is not the fast of its kind, but it is among many other extrajudicial killings by police on young black individuals (Calder, 2004). It confirms the ethnographic studies were done that prove that many regions inhabited by black Americans face the harshest policing style (Banks & Banks, 2010).

Such instances cause diversity to have many problems in society. It is essential that as a society, we should come up with better ways of overcoming the challenges of diversity. Diversity issues such as the policing in Black America should be handled in a better fashion. Furthermore, there should be more inclusivity of all people in an equal fashion that does not look at race, color or creed (Wolfe & Fletcher, 2013). The biggest way of ensuring that the benefits of diversity are seen is ensuring that the message of diversity and the whole subject of diversity is taught to the young children and ensure that they understand that we are all equal. To some extent, the generation that we live in is in some way biased by what they have been taught by the former generations particularly the white society that saw their race as more superior and better than the others (Salam et al., 2014).

The benefits of overcoming diversity are that through diversity, society will be able to get the best from all cultures and understand the different cultures that exist in the world. Diversity will also lead to people seeing people differently instead of the stereotypes that exist (Banks & Banks, 2010). When people are viewed differently, they will be able to go past their stereotypes and be the best they can be. For instance, it can solve the crime menace particularly the stereotype that has crime associated with the black community (Sarkar, 2010). The challenges of overcoming problems in diversity are many and can only be overcome through cooperation and intent from involved parties. A huge challenge is that the stereotypes that are in place based on diversity have become ingrained within us to the extent that a stereotype is the first thing that comes to mind when one meets with a person from a different culture. All in all, the problems of diversity can be overcome, and it needs cooperation from all people to ensure that this is achieved.


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