Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample on Why I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

Published: 2020-06-10
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Sample on Why I Want a Wife by Judy Brady
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The essay by Judy Brady Why I Want a Wife, was availed to the general public in the early 1970s and read by many. The essay sent a strong message to the women in the society and their roles as wives and workers. This essay portrayed a great sense of understanding on the females needs. Its content primarily touches on the role of a wife and it was premiered in the popular Ms. Magazine. Bradys essay made individuals to think on the concerns of wives and their roles as workers too as well as the ethical considerations of gender equality.

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The response, for one, addresses the rhetorical aspect on a wife and her role in particular. It is important to note that during the 1970s most individuals that were employed were the men, why? It is because, most work required skilled labor. As a result most women were left to look after their children at home. In effect, the context identifies men as only wanting women to be their wives at home. Women were not required to participate in certain activities such as voting, equal treatment at the work place or reproductive control. All these were controversial. It is these factors that led Judy Brady to write the famous essay. This publication offered the female a contemporary feminine reading.

The medium that was used by Judy Brady to expose the difficulties that women underwent was appropriate and profound. Further, the exposure of her feelings through the publication on Ms Magazine enabled the essay to reach the masses. In addition to, the use of protests by women to recant their sufferings and hardship led to a political turbulence that created laws governing the treatment of women. The publication of the article on the Ms Magazine was purposeful in reaching the intended audience that was the masses. The public, having read Bradys essay were moved by how she explained herself. Her major concern was the ill- treatment of women and the unequal distribution of duties between wives and husbands. Thus, the medium used to air her views was appropriate since many people got hold of the article.

In further analyzing the essay, the use of ethos appeal is demonstrated by the author, and I quote I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am a wife, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother. The statement describes how Brady understands the role of the mother as well as a wife. Thus, Brady picked a perfect time and a perfect place that was the feminine magazine Ms Magazine. At the time of writing this article Judy Brady was alone and had enough time to express herself both psychologically and emotionally.

Besides, Brady used sarcastic tones in the article to further her objective. Thus, her main concern was to enlighten the public that even wives should be appreciated and respected like all men. It is obvious to her statements that she was tired of being a slave. She spoke on behalf of all other wives that feel are slaves to their husbands to the rhetorical audience.

The logos of Bradys article are described by the constant arguments such as the role of women and their requirements to perform different household tasks. If we scrutinize closely the statement, My God, why wouldnt I want a wife? indicates sarcastically that of course she does not want a wife but in essence it would be helpful if she had one.

The pathos of her article is described in her statement, I would like to go back to school, so that I can become economically independent, support myself, and if need be, support those dependent upon me. This statement was intended for the audience to get emotionally upset and get involved with her feelings on why women were treated as lesser beings.

All the appeals that Brady used to send the messages to the rhetorical audience are ethical and enhance logic in the minds of all individuals. It is also important to note that Judy Brady involved the audience in understanding her feelings. Through these texts the audience is able to critically analyze her situation and picture the issues pertaining women. Thus, a solution could be harnessed in fighting for the rights of women.

In conclusion, the audience is able to critically think on the abuse relating to the subject matter, in this case Judy Brady and try to come up with a solution to assist the victim and protect the other women.

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