The Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet | An Essay Sample for Students

Published: 2019-09-09
The Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet | An Essay Sample for Students
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The Theme of Love in Romeo and Juliet: Student Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a love narrative. The play is the most famous love story in English literature. When Romeo meets Juliet for the first time, he experienced an intense feeling of passion which later develops into uncontrollable romantic love. The play explicitly portrays passionate, romantic love. Young Romeo and Juliet are presented being in love to the extent that they choose isolation from their world in order to be with each other.

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Love in Romeo and Juliet is portrayed as violent, impromptu, ecstatic and as a strong force with the ability to succeed above all the other values, obligations and emotions. As the play develops these young lovers give up their social networks for the sake of each other; "Deny thy father and refuse thy name, "Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, / And I'll no longer be a Capulet" inquiry made by Juliet. Romeo lets go of his friend; Mercutio and Benvolio shortly after the feast and goes to Juliet's garden. Later, Romeo defies the authority of the ruler. Though he is sent to exile by the prince, he goes to Verona for the sake of Juliet.

In Romeo and Juliet, love is the central theme. Shakespeare displays love as harsh, brutal and with potential to cause harm and damage. Love in this play has been given too much power that the characters act solely on the drive of the otherwise uncontrollable romantic love. The kind of love, Shakespeare portrays is imprisoning and compelling. The lovers do not seem to be in control of their actions neither do they have a choice. It would be expected that Romeo and Juliet would be very different persons if they did not meet.

Love affects every theme in the play. The power of love is evident in Shakespeare's choice of words, style of writing and the tone of the play. Shakespeare does not capture the concept of love entirely. For instance, love is described as magic. For example; "Alike bewitched by the charm of looks" (2 pro. 6), in other cases love, is conceptualized in religion. Shakespeare describes this love as a youthful burst of passion. For Juliet her concept of love is left undefined; "But my true love is grown to such excess / I cannot sum up some of half my wealth" (3.1.3334). From Shakespeare's point of view, love cannot be sufficiently conceptualized in the limitation of a metaphor. Shakespeare attempts to bring to attention the power that love commands, which the power of love is uncontrollable and not easily understood.

Ideally, many literary works show a moral lesson behind love and the means of its expression. However, in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare is not making an attempt to give a moral lesson about the effects of love and its expression in the society and relationships. Shakespeare portrays how chaotic love is, and the passion gained when one is in love. The play ends in tragedy as a result of the combination of love and the different concept the characters have about it.

The violence associated with love in the play has the power to cause death. The violence arising in the play results from love and passion. When Tybalt notices that Romeo was uninvited to the feast, he instantly plans to kill him. In the midst of violence, Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love at first sight. Ultimately theme of love concludes in a double suicide. Death is portrayed as the best expression of love to each other. The power that Romeo and Juliet's love possess is portrayed as very controlling to the extent it can turn one against themselves.

The False Parental Love

The love of parents for their children is the basis of family relationships. Usually, parents want to take the initiative to provide their children with everything they need. Parental care also manifests itself in the desire to find a worthy partner. This feature is typical for the Capulet family. Parents assure their daughter that they have found the perfect husband for her.

The father says to his daughter, "Oh, dear Juliet! There is a man who will make you happy. Next Thursday morning you will see your chosen one and become his lawful wife." In the opinion of the Capulet family, such dictating of the rules is parental care and the best manifestation of parental love. What else can a child expect from their parents?

The Capulet family also believes that choosing a bride is the best that their son can wish for. The problem of medieval relationships is characterized by the fact that parental love is distorted and looks more like dictating conditions. The authoritarian format is very different from modern mores and freedom of choice. That is why young people are left with nothing but submission. However, an unexpected love story becomes the starting point for change.

Dutiful Love

Such love signals a person's readiness to obey the will of their parents, no matter what. Juliet is ready to follow the will of her parents and marry any person. She unconditionally fulfills the requirements until she meets Romeo. After that, Juliet decides that only she can decide her fate, especially if it concerns the person she loves. Dutiful love is nothing more than a sense of duty (gratitude or fear to contradict) that burns a person inside. However, there is a parent's truly powerful word. Only a very powerful emotional pattern can change Juliet's behavior is a prime example.

Dutiful love is a complex concept that involves choosing a partner based on a long tradition. Nonetheless, Shakespeare shows how deviant this kind of relationship can be. The world is demanding change and the unexpected emotional attachment of Romeo and Juliet is the strongest indicator of the new rules. Mutual emotions are the key to change. Shakespeare shows that even respect for parental will is not a key parameter in true love. No one can tell a person the format of a relationship if the heart is ready for change.

Courtly love

Courtly love is a key format for the relationship between a man and a woman in the Middle Ages. Shakespeare describes the Romeo and Rosaline (Paris and Juliet) relationship well. The concept of chivalry and nobility describes the acquaintance of two people with subsequent relationships and signs of attention. In addition, courtly love goes through the stages of sacrifice and certain actions for the partner.

Romeo loves Rosaline, but she ignores his feelings. The girl is cold as ice and is not ready to respond with favor. Shakespeare perfectly conveyed the hopelessness and the state of emptiness. The falling in love of the heroes is shown to contrast light and darkness when a depressive atmosphere obscures all light feelings. This is why courtly love is so important to the characters and the overall concept. Shakespeare very subtly described the key factors of such love and hopelessness in case of the indifference of the chosen partner. The life path of the heroes was based on choosing a partner according to certain rules. However, love is a strong feeling. The pure sympathy of Romeo and Juliet is key evidence.

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