Free Example of Sources Assessment Paper: Discrimination of The Latino Community in the US

Published: 2022-09-26
Free Example of Sources Assessment Paper: Discrimination of The Latino Community in the US
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How Persistent Discrimination by the United States Government Agency against the Latino Community in the US Results in the Formation of Powerful Structured Gangs like The Latin Kings

The data I am going to use I will retrieve from the police documents which I have been given through the various links provided through the multiple links from police departments. I will go through the report noting down critical points of discrimination instances such as discrimination at schools, police lynching and mass deportations of people perceived to be of Latino Origin such as those speaking Spanish Language. For example, from the document of the police, it is clearly stated that in 1931, the police officers grabbed the Mexican -American in the area shoving them in waiting vans. The immigration department blocked all the exits and arrested more people.

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Websites validity

This information is essential and appropriate for this research study because it has various incidences of discrimination; the examples used to make the evidence the best to be used for this paper. Also, the findings in this police department record concur with other researches done before on this topic (Wildermuth, 2016). This certainly makes the information obtained from this source accurate and can easily be verified if there is a need for doing verification of the various results these authors obtained during their investigation. The link also provides historical information highlighting when the issue of discrimination came by and how it continuously goes on in the country for such a long period.

The Content of the Information

The content in the information is retrieved from websites and journals containing information on Chicago Police department detailing racial discrimination against the people of color. I will include information from the investigations of the Chicago Police Department found at and showing the details of the investigations following the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. I will then use information from and to show the details of the meeting between President Trump and Illinois Attorney General Jeff Sessions and after that the statement issued by the president of Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Kevin Graham, on Consent Decree. I will dig into the records of Police Practices and Racial Justice from ACLU of Illinois to find out how actions of the police have led to the establishment of gangs such as the Latin Kings and Queens Nation in a bid to protect themselves from racial discrimination.

Further, I will dwell on the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) records and those of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) to see the partnership between the police and the community and understand how the police profiles criminal gangs in the neighborhood. This will help me know whether these independent bodies perform their duties of oversight authority over police work.

Keywords to locate a sample of the articles I am going to use

Some of the keywords I am going to use include: Discrimination of Immigrant by Latino America

Discrimination of the Immigrant by the Latino Americans Government. If I research these critical terms on Google, I will get the resultant information which I need because the keyword in the above case is discrimination by Latino Government (Thomson, Buckley, & Brinkworth, 2018).

Immigrant challenges in the hand of Latino America

These key terms can also help me get the result I want, and this is because when I do my research, the answer is still giving information on the plight of Immigrants in Latin America. Indeed, there are very many keywords which can help more locate the information which I need from the website. What an individual can do is to just continuously play with the keywords with the sentence and the results which only come out without any difficulty.

Additional detail of the data

The information used is from primary sources, officers who have had one-on-one interaction with the criminal gangs. Since it would not be possible to interview the criminal gangs, records of the police department will be used to as the primary source of information (Palinkas, Horwitz, Green, Wisdom, Duan, & Hoagwood, 2015).

If I Was To Use Material from Archive

I was to use material from the archive, and I will look for peer-reviewed articles which range within five years' time frame because they are up to date and provide accurate data.

Explain the process I will use to analyze the data.

I can use the various method taught in class such the regression analysis on determining the link between the two.


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