Comparison Essay Example: the Books The War of the Worlds and World War Z

Published: 2019-09-12
Comparison Essay Example: the Books The War of the Worlds and World War Z
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The book world war z Max Brooks the person interviewed begins with a discussion on the meaning of what the zombie war is. The interviewer tends to explain what the zombie war is. While in the war of the worlds H.G. Wells, begins with some general statements about life. He started by saying that. People would not have believed that in the last years of the 19th century that the world was under a keen watch by intelligence that was superior to man and mortal like the earth creatures he goes on and puts down that as a man was busy carrying out their different activities, the Martians observed them (Goodall 353-368).

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In the book world war z, the narrator is the writer wrote about the attack by the zombies while in the book war of the worlds the author talks about a major invasion on the earth by certain creatures from the Mars. In the book world war z, a disease that started out in China that turned people into zombies and this zombie infected more healthy people by biting. In the story, a young woman comes forward to report what happened she said that the sick boy and his father had been diving in the reservoir in the act of looking for treasures when he returned to the village with a bite wound then he fell sick. The book world war z explains the break out of diseases, which involve the doctors more who try to establish the cause of the plague. We see in the book that the medical people are the ones trying to determine the situation. Here we take note of the hospital receiving the emergency about certain diseases in a village and doctors like Dr. Kwang, and Dr. Kuei is involved (Goodall 353-368). While in the war of the worlds the writer brings out that the flashes seen and the astronomers take an initiative of observing since the issue at hand here needed their attention the author goes accurate and states that the scientists saw the flashes of light for ten days and once in a day.

Both the books are fiction books that entail fiction stories. The book world war z there is presence zombies while in the war of worlds there is the existence of Martians who took away the earth from humans. Both the stories are nonexistent none of it never happened it is pure imagination from both the writers. In both the books, there are narrators in the book world war z the narrator interviewed by the interviewer who lets the interviewed carry on with the book and keeping an unseen presence in the book (Myakenkaya, Chubisov and Chubissova 314-320). Brook goes ahead and introduces the narrator as a doctor who goes by the name Gu Wen Kuei. In the book War of worlds, there is a presence of a narrator who begins by narrating the situation of the earth at that time in the 19th century the narrator goes ahead to put out that the earth was under watch by creatures who had more intelligence than the land people. In both the books, the narrators were present when the attack by both the zombies and the Mars inhibitors.

In the book War of worlds Brook identifies the narrator as a survivor, we take note of this from this statement that the incident happened six years ago and from the declaration the narrator knows what happened hence the narrator is a survivor. In the war book Z, the person interviewed is a doctor by the name Kwang whom in the hospital that he was working they received an emergency that in a remote village an epidemic had hit it. When he got the call, he moved to the remote village in the village he found very sick people locked inside a house, and they were seven in number. It brings out that the narrator in the book was present. In both the books, the books what people ended up experiencing in the long term was unknown in the cases. In the book world war z, a disease just started like any other conditions in a small village in China and it spread out to the entire world because of people moving and becoming a crisis. In the war of the worlds, there was an invasion, but nobody saw it coming.

As the ship used by the Mars inhabitants appeared to be a star at fast and on landing it appeared like a cylinder and Ogilvy realizes this but the first person he met who was a wagon driver fails to believe him. In both the books, the narrators hear the situation at hand and they the urge to know even better by visiting and experiencing the situations at hand. In the book War of the Worlds, the narrators hear about the hollow cylinder with people in it (Goodall 353-368). The narrator goes there in the morning to see it there he gets a small crowd who were there on the same thing as the narrator. Some of the boys were even throwing stones at the cylinder that ha Martians in it. All these people that had appeared on the scene the narrator describes them as just ordinary people who had just come to see what was going on in the place.

The narrator finds the cylinder unpleasant to see he termed it since it looked like a carriage or a tree that have been overturned as a result of blowing across the road. When the writer finds out that nothing is happening, the narrator goes home. In the book world war z, the narrator is a doctor at who works in a hospital in China the hospital that he was working in the received a pager on the night they got an emergency page on about a small village of New Dachang.Dr. Kwang decides to get and see what was going on in a few minutes he was there, and he was able to establish that the disease was far-reaching. The doctor found seven villagers very sick in a dump hut, and the hut allowed no access outside, and none of the villagers was looking after the sick. Dr. Kwang examined the sick people, and he reached a conclusion that the patient had no infection on their bite wounds and had fevers from the examination the doctor saw that it was not animal bites. From this two situations, we can be able to establish that both narrators in both books liked first-hand information experiencing it for themselves (Myakenkaya, Chubisov and Chubissova 314-320).

In both the stories, the people did not take the attack seriously, this proved from both stories. In story War of the Worlds, the Martians landed, and no one seemed to bother. The time when the Martians started using the heat ray to kill people things were just usual in England, and no one appeared to bother. For example, Henderson did wire his newspaper to tell the story to the people, but people took that as entirely a joke. They did not want to run his article saying that its hoaxed, and they were not willing to confirm with him. The people who knew about the cylinder did not take keen of it people were just sneaking to watch it then walk away with no word or action about it. There is a second cylinder falling again, but no one seems to be worried even reporting to the concern authorities who could take action. In the book world war z the people despite hearing of the threat of diseases, they take no keen note. Evidence from the book, brings out clearly.

An entrepreneur in the story who traffic commodities in the world including opium, diamonds, and slaves the human trafficking. He did this kind of business before the outbreak of the disease when the diseases break out happened he went head to traffic refugees as well. The man had heard of the conditions and that it was severe but kept his business going despite the government warnings and crackdowns (Goodall 353-368). The man a narrator in the book even goes ahead to put out that on those crackdown and government warnings he went head to take air travel for a while. The refugees increased in number this showed how people did not take keen of the situation at hand, because they acted desperate for hope.


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