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Published: 2018-02-20 05:05:11
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Define negotiate

Life may offer a lot in one way or the other. As I grew up I was facing a lot of issues time to time. It reached a point when I was about to join my High school studies I was faced by a serious challenge that I had to exchange my life for studies. This came soon after I had well done my Primary education but my parents could not afford for high school fees. Therefore I talked to one of my neighborhood teachers and came to an agreement that I become his servant and in return he pay my school fees. Although this was a hard decision I had made and which would negatively affect me academically, I had no other choice but to seal the agreement to serve him and I get education in return. I had to negotiate with the teacher about my education which he inquired for my services in return. 

This was a serious negotiation which came on my life but I had no other option since my parents could not cater for my education. Luckily, due to my efforts, I was able to carry out my studies well and I would well multitask. That is, I would well carry out my daily duties and also get time to study and also do well in my studies.




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