Paper Example. Ethical Issues in the Field of Chemical Engineering

Published: 2023-02-23
Paper Example. Ethical Issues in the Field of Chemical Engineering
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An ethical issue is a problem that requires an individual or organization to choose between options that must be evaluated as right or wrong. According to NSPE, chemical engineers should provide safe and reliable products, upheld confidentiality, avoid conflicts for interest, and keep professionalism in general. However, these ethical norms might not be sustained and may result in ethical issues. For example, an engineering consulting company may provide recommendations to plans to construct a building without taking the proper measures to ensure the safety of its erection.

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NSPE requires that chemical engineers hold highest the safety, health, and welfare of the public. Hence they should do an excellent job in the focus of human life, working for the benefit of human life in addition to the benefit of the organization he or she is working. An underlying issue may arise when engineers violate this code when they engage in activities that endanger life or property (, 2019). Also, when they reveal information without the prior consent of the client and engages in unlawful practices. In this case, a chemical engineer working for a petroleum company is not allowed to disclose the designs as well as the different models employed by the company at any instance.

Engineers are required to act for each employer as faithful agents. Hence they shall disclose potential conflicts of interest that could influence their judgment of their services. The ethical issue arises when an engineer accepts compensation, financial consideration directly or indirectly, from individual parties on the same project. Also, NSPE requires that engineers perform services in areas that are in line with their professionalism (, 2019). It requires chemical engineers to undertake tasks only when qualified by education and experience. Hence when an engineer forges their signatures to plans in which they lack competence may lead to an ethical issue. For example, chemical engineers may not be allowed to undertake activities at the site that are categorized to be of a mechanical engineer such as welding and fabrication of metal parts. The regulated field of engineering promotes perfectionism in one's field.

Engineers shall conduct themselves honorably, responsibly, and lawfully to promote a reputable and useful profession. Problems may arise when engineers bribe or offer any valuable consideration to secure their job. Also, when engineers try to falsify, their qualifications for a job offer often result in ethical issues. The falsification of information by engineers in order to gain jobs or bribes destroys the authenticity of the profession. Competence is key in this profession as the daily tasks involve the employment of scientific training as well as ingenuity in solving problems.

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