Essentials of a Veterinarian - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-14
Essentials of a Veterinarian - Essay Sample
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If you love animals or had a pet as a kid like I did this is a paper that will talk about that. What do we mean by that statement, well we be looking at animal health and what it takes to be a veterinarian? Now we can look at the meaning of a 'veterinarian' which can be defined as, a person who works towards providing emergency, preventive and other medical care to animals and this may include large animals or small animals or both as varied in a setting in clinics, practices, labs or zoos. In simple words, they are individuals who love animals and enjoy working with them that they actually put in the time to go for training and are willing to look after their health. For the paper today we will be studying how my problems solving skills can be serviced to keep other people's pets healthy.

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Volunteering Work

As I said before I love animals and adore working with them so most of my leisure time I spend in animal shelters caring for this beasts. I love finding new homes for these animals by volunteering at the local pet store. My all-time goal is simply patient education, and in this case, because we are dealing with pets we will be educating the owners to these animals (Radostits,2006). This is how to best inform these owners of the best ways to take care of these animals, to mainly offer suggestions for behavioral problems or healthy diets for the animals. In my volunteer work the local veterinarian used to explain to owners how to monitor the animals for signs of illnesses, advice on general care and sanitation was also provided. He also gave guidelines to how best treat sick animals from home and provided instructions on administering prescribed drugs to their pets.

My work in this pet shop also sadly put me in contact with the death of the animals, and my main obstacle was seeing these poor creatures put down and promised never to do such a thing. But Dr. Miller the veterinarian explained to me that sometimes it was the kindest thing to do for the animal. Further expounded that it was referred to as, 'euthanasia' I was learning that animals sometime can't be treated for prolonging of life. Injured or sick enough animals were put down at the point where it was utterly necessary and most of these animals included; racehorses, farm animals or rescued wildlife animals. One also needs to comfort owners when handling this situation and frequently get the power to dispose of their bodies.

Animal Health Program

As we all know there is a growing industry of animal health and you can get degree programs on the online platform or the traditional class system in many schools across the United States. With all that in mind my ultimate academic goal in life is to have, 'a Bachelor's degree in veterinary technology' and mostly is because they are rare and most people shy away from it because of the clinical training that has intensive components (Duncan,1986). This is important to me because most veterinarians use traditional ways to treat these animals in which we can use more safe means for both us and the sick animal. This course gives the student a tool to effectively communicate with clients and an applied math's class for skills that will be required an inaccurate dosage of medicine and simple office accounting for up to date records.

Career Options

I have always wanted to pass them, "North American Veterinary Licensing Examination so that I can finally have a license of my own to practice what I love. My main goal in my career would be having a job where I do health checkups, administer shots or vaccines, fix broken bones, clean teeth or even performing surgeries. And maybe later in my career, I can specialize in a particular disease and veterinarians may come from far and wide to consult me on the said ailment. A field in the treatment of small animals may come in handy mainly because veterinarians who work in this particular area deal with cats, dogs or rabbits and because these animals are easy to handle and are considered as pets (part of the family) and may end up paying a quick buck for their treatment. The major challenge is that veterinarians only receive an average salary and this may hinder them in pursuing further studies or expanding their businesses to cater to more patients.


In summary, we need to talk about how the 'American Veterinary Medical Association' has fought for pay hikes for every veterinarian in the country and in 2016 these animal doctors' compensation was increased from an annual salary of 88770 dollars to 118460 dollars which were met with joy and appreciation with everybody involved (Willis, 1-41). Later that year there was an increase in students who wanted to practice veterinarian in the United States and the number was 79600. Veterinarians are real medical doctors who have to undergo a bachelor's degree program, and then a post-secondary medicine degree in which case they also have to have a legal license for them to legally practice once all their studies are completed.

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