Contingency Planning Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-27
Contingency Planning Essay Example
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Primary steps/components of an action plan an organization

Changes happen regularly in many organizations because of some factor which may include a company strategy to stay profitable in the current competitive world. But when managing these changes challenges may continuously arise. Hence there are necessary steps which should be taken according to KSA regulation. First and most important is for the organization to identify what should be changed. The organization should the present an excellent business case which will gain a buy-in. after establishing a buy in the organization should create a roadmap document strategy for the implementation of changes. After establishing a roadmap, the organization should gather data for the evaluation of their plan. Communication as actually the most important because a good management change requires an excellent communication strategy that broadcast the organization plan for change (Carnall, 2018). New changes bring about resistance to these changes hence the changes should be monitored and the risk should also be managed. The final most crucial step is to celebrate the success and keep a constant review and progress of the changes.

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Contingency Planning

The contingency plan can be considered as a backup plan which can only be activated if a disaster may erupt which can result in the disruption of a company product or pose a danger to the employee. The primary goal of a contingency plan is to try safeguard company information or data, try to minimize any disruption which may erupt. Companies never use the contingency plan but it's essential for a company to have a contingency plan and also give enough train to their employee in any instance the need for the plan may arise (Rudder, 2015). Contingency plans are significant that they help control and minimize product loss. This can be done through the rerouting of data or use of an emergency generator to power all the escape routes for all the staff members. Such plans will unfold a major saving of data in an instant an emergency may occur. Contingency plans can help prevent employee panics in the instant of an emergency and promote any plan if action.


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