Free Essay about Death - The Unwanted Guest

Published: 2019-06-05
Free Essay about Death - The Unwanted Guest
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Death is felt like the most unbearable and painful word especially if the one you care about and love has gone through an ugly experience. I refer to it as ugly as I am not aware of any good or beautiful death, every person mourns on that day. Death in the dark ages was given priority as hell was painted on wall churches to remind the congregation that they had more to worry about than their present life. In Roman burials, the deceased was cremated and his possession surrounded the grave yard as a sign of the life ahead where he would have use of his possessions. In Jewish burials, they wrapped the bodies and laid them in a tomb as a way of showing their last respect with no possessions. Fear of death has been influenced by different religious beliefs, personal beliefs and popular customs. This fear limits people from living their life to the fullest.

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There are traditional myths that death is the natural end of life where one leaves the warm and lighted room full of joy to an unknown world full of darkness with no affection or love from those you care about. But not all people believe that death is the natural end of life. Some people also believe that God takes people in death to be with Him, whereas small children become angels. According to some religious beliefs, some people are tormented after death. Hell is where they are tormented and it is believed to be a place with a lot of pain and suffering. Some believe that it is the end of our existence. According to Homeric belief, when one died, his/her vital breath left the body to join the palace of Hades, kind of dead. They also believed that the wall separating the dead and the living was virtually impenetrable.

When a young child is born, we rejoice and praise as we shower gifts to the baby. We call him/her great names and talk only good of the baby. At that point, the mother is still hurting as she is not strong enough but she tries to smile and be happy with the rest of us. Her joy cannot be expressed and deep inside she says, That is my baby. Suddenly, the joy is cut short after she realizes that her baby has breathing problem. Nurses take the baby in and the mother is left alone feeling sad and praying for the best. A few minutes later, nurses come in without the baby. There and then we all start crying because the worst has happened- the baby is dead. I cannot even imagine the pain that the mother is going through, both physically and emotionally. She is helpless and devastated; no tears can express her sorrow. That is what death does, it snatches away the one thing you value most without any warning no matter how little time you have spent with them. I consider death unjust.

Death is a rite of passage and in modern world, some people believe it is the unkind nature of life that everyone has to go through. According to Christians, God is the giver of life and He only can take it away. So they should celebrate the life of the dead as he/she has gone to be in a better place. They also believe that when they die in Christ, they go to heaven but when they die sinners, they go to hell. Death deprives one of the opportunity and chance to have a glance of the beautiful life ahead. It takes away the opportunity to see your investments, your children, see your family if you are entirely single. So many things are taken away from you, either when you are bereaved or deceased. When you are bereaved, you feel sad that you will never see that person again and it is hard to cut short the attachment- it is painful. And when you are deceased, I want to believe the pain is still the same as nobody is always ready to die because as humans we fear the unknown.

Death checks and balances the population ensuring that there is no overcrowding. It also helps in eliminating the older people and putting the youth at the center stage. Death allows for innovation and change in the society. In hierarchical institutions, death gives an opportunity to the youth and secures their place in the institution when the elderly pass on. Sometimes death join people together as sign of solidarity and make them closer than before. In conclusion, death is a dreaded nightmare but also it balances all people the rich and the poor, young and old no discrimination to any. Significantly, the power of death leads to appreciation of life. It is a rite of passage that we all have to go through.

Woman, a true icon

Women are gentle creatures with an eye for fashion, beauty and elegance that completes and complements men. In Great Britain and majority of her colonies, women were regarded as treasures the queen being the jewel of them all. In modern society, women are the backbone of the social, political and economic aspect of the community both at the homestead, community and the national level. It is believed that behind every successful man, is a dedicated and intelligent woman that drives him. According to Michael Scott, in his article "The Rise of Women in Ancient Greece, women are to be discussed among men, whether in praise or blame. In the history of women as far as recordings go, the contribution of women in society has been minimized and undermined. Throughout history of great civilizations, women in power such as Cleopatra of Egypt who led her country at the time of need during the expansion of the Roman Empire at the reign of the great Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. Florence Nightingale best known to soldiers during Second World War as lady with the lamp who is remembered for her courage in serving as a nurse catering for the British soldiers. It is believed that kissing her shadow as she passed by the soldiers beds gave them good luck in the battle field and quick recovery.

Women symbolize pride, love and desire. A community with beautiful women is considered as blessed all across the world. In the past, beautiful women were taken as trophies of conquest during war as a show of pride. The loss of beautiful women was devastating. As a sign of good faith, were traded in as a sign of peace.

Women have taken up major roles in governance of huge economies all over the world this is a great improvement from recent decades when they were greatly criticized and taken as vessels of labor and toil for the community and in the end of the day fulfill the lustful desires of gluttonous and drunk men of their generation. Even to date in some communities across the world, women are still being victimized and for adultery and fornication while their male counter parts take no responsibility whatsoever. Some religious extremists still go to the extent to restrict the movement dressing and whom women socialize with. Such societies do not consider women as people but as servants whose rights are not to be taken to consideration whatsoever even so these communities expect full dedication and servitude from women.

It has hit major headlines all over the world about the neglect and abuse of women in the Middle East where their main roles are to procreate and tend for the children. Women who out step their positions are considered adulterers and witches and threatened with divorce or rejection by the community. The value of Women in these regions does not take up job positions and thus take no part in contribution to the economy of the family and overall the country. These countries are burdened with high rates of dependency, poverty, hunger and starvation. These countries form a huge part of third world countries.

Violence against women was considered acceptable as a way to instill discipline. Men were seen as the chief figures of the home. Therefore women were subject to oppression and severe fight without any questions. To some point, the women conformed the beating and felt happy that their husbands discipline them as a sign of love. The beating had become part of them and did not mind the bruises as they were marks of remembrance till death. Unlike those past days, women today are valued as treasures of love. Women have become educated and they now realize that they were worthy of respect, honor and class. I walk past women in the streets and I feel proud as they are the majority in the city and well dressed with their heads raised high. This is because they are not afraid of anything as they have equal rights as those of men. The highest percentages of women are more educated than men and it is the reason that young are having a liking for older women. They want to be with them and have the sense of belonging as the women have a high social standard. Women are making their own money, educating themselves, getting high paid jobs, taking government positions and raising their children. Unlike the past, women who gave birth without getting into marriage were considered immoral. In the present this is the trending issue as most women prefer raising children without husbands as they can provide all the needs of the children.

Eighty percent of women are not married yet they have children and you wonder why. This is because men are no longer in control of their families. Men used to provide for their families but the case has changed. They have become lazy and this is why women are taking control of family businesses. Women have become entrepreneurs in different aspects in the industry. Circumstances and situations have changed. Girls were considered as property by their fathers and were traded as dowry in exchange of other physical possession; this shows how they were under-valued. In the 21st century, if you as a young man want to get arrested, then I dare you to try and joke with the daddys girl. Girls are fathers favorite and they treasure them as great possessions. They are pampered from childhood, are well taken care of to avoid any harm befalling them. As small girls, the father takes them on a ride on a Sunday after church bragging to all their friends how beautiful their daughter is. As a teenager, the father is overprotective of the daughter as he is aware that her beauty is glowing and none of the man can be trusted. The daughter is dropped to school in the morning and picked up in the evening. Now that she has grown into a mature lady, the father cannot keep check of her every single day and painfully, he gives her the freedom she needs. When the wedding day finally comes, I have noted that the mother is happy for her but the father has this serious face towards the groom. He is happy about the daughters wedding but he is finding it hard to let go. That is how loved and valued the daughters are.

As a true icon, the strength of a woman has been displayed on the issue of abortion. For a woman, abortion is not an easy decision to reach. Not all pregnant at a young age are immoral, some of them is bad fate or misfortune that they are in that situation. Some are not even aware of the person responsible for the pregnancy; some have been left by their boyfriends and heartbroken. In this case, they would think of abortion. But I refer to women as icons as most of them are strong enough to keep the pregnancy, give birth and raise their children in whichever means they can. Life can be compared to a woman, has its lows and high but we strive to stay strong like the women.


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