Essay Sample on Dick's Sporting Goods

Published: 2023-05-07
Essay Sample on Dick's Sporting Goods
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Baseball Home Run Derby for college student sponsorship will be of great advantage for the teams aged 17-24 across the southern region of the United States to demonstrate their competitive capability through having a good time and a competent sponsor. Baseball consist of a team game that is played between two teams each of nine players each residing on an enclosed baseball field operating under the managers' direction depending on rules under the jurisdiction of the referee (White & Edward, 32). An opponent player tries to direct the ball away from the defenders' reach and thus scores runs through running around the bases. The defending team players try outing the batting player thus both teams involves in turns at fielding as well as batting. Each team's three consecutive outs results to innings, while an occurrence of nine innings results in a game. Thus each team objective is to win through achieving more runs and trying to prevent the opponent from scoring any run.

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Some of the demographic factors that are considered for the participants in baseball include age, education, and gender. Major Baseball leagues require a minimum of 18 years old for the USA players. While the international players are required to have at list 17 years old. However, Baseball mainly majors on men. While women mainly play softball, whereby baseball has in a way, failed to catch on women sport. Additionally, for one to qualify to be a Baseball player, he should have met the minimum required academic level. For a baseball player, a high school diploma act as the minimum academic education requirement.

While when looking at the demographic characteristics of the baseball spectators, it seems to be devastating. Despite no age limit of baseball spectators. Currently, the majority of baseball spectators fall under old age which is 50 years and above on average. From the statistics, only about 24 percent of baseball spectators fall under 35 years. Further, the issue of racial demographics remains a problem among the baseball spectators whereby their perception remains that baseball is a whites sport despite its diversity to Latino and Asia. In the year 2012, only 7.2 percent of Baseball spectators were of the black race a rage that as continuously been dropping since 1991 when it was 29.5 percent.

Geographic Reach

The geographic coverage of these tournaments will primarily comprise the southern region of the United States. The tournament will be marked as Baseball Home Run Derby for College Students ages 17-24 and will be recruiting participants throughout the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Sponsor Company

This proposal is directed to Dick's Sporting Goods an American sporting goods retail company based in Caraopolis, Pennsylvania (Christ & Sarah, 3). Being one of the biggest retailer company with approximately 850 stores in the US, and with the incorporation of all sporting materials, we found it as the most suitable company to sponsor the event since we believe the company would deliver all the requirements that would be needed for the baseball tournaments. Additionally, Dick's Sporting Goods-retail company being one of the company situated in the USA we found it easier to approach since the event to be held were also specifically for the college students within the states of USA thus we could not opt to another company that is outside the region where the event is localized.

Further, due to the nature of the event which is mainly a regional event consisting of college students within the states of the USA, we decided to consider Dick's Sporting Goods-retail company to be the major sponsor of the event. Further, since the events were just aimed at demonstrating the competitive capability on baseball games among the college students within the States of the southern region of the United States, no much investment was required but just a few supportive essential needs that we were hopeful the company would be capable of providing.

Sponsorship Benefits

The event sponsor will be required to provide three main sponsorship benefits. First, the event sponsor will be required to offer free sponsorship of games attires. This sponsorship benefit could be achieved through the company strategies of first requiring the submission of a total number of the participants expected so that the exact number of the attires is prepared with the names of the players per college.

The second event sponsorship benefit will incorporate food and drinks including the energy drinks for the players. This could be achieved by the company by requesting the number of the participant required as well as the expected period for the tournaments so that the company may account for the exact quantity of the commodities that could last for the specified time of the event.

Lastly, the third sponsorship benefit form the company will consist of participants' accommodation during the days for the event. From these requirements, the company would use the given list of the expected participant to determine the number of hotel rooms to book and the exact amount that could be assigned for the rooms during the entire period of the event.

Sponsorship Evaluation

Based on the company sponsorship, the company's effectiveness would be evaluated through the rate of response to its brand during the tournament and after the tournament. For instance, after the company sponsors the event with the game's attire, its sponsorship effectiveness would be evaluated by finding out the number of turn up for the purchase of the same kits during and after the event. Further, the effectiveness of the company on sponsoring the event with baseball attire would be evaluated by comparing the rate of demand of baseball attire that results after the event compared to the previous demand of the same baseball attire before the event.

Also, the effectiveness of the company would be evaluated through its move to sponsor the event with food and drinks by finding out other companies of the same kind offering the same services after the event. This would prove the increased competitiveness of the company in the market. Additionally, the company's effectiveness could be evaluated by finding out the number of other parties who would come after the event to seek a supportive sponsorship in the food and drinks sector of such events or other of a different type.

Lastly, the effectiveness of the company to sponsor the participant with full accommodation during the entire period of the event would be evaluated in various ways. For instance, the move by the company to establish the response of other companies meant for accommodation such as their advertisement on free sponsorship accommodation for games event would prove the degree of effectiveness built by the company through sponsoring of the event.

Work Cited

Christ, Sarah Marie. "Every Season Starts at Dick's." Gandy Dancer 2.1 (2013).

White, G. Edward. Creating the national pastime: Baseball transforms itself, 1903-1953. Princeton University Press, 2014.

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