Free Essay Answering Why E-Sports Is Good for College Students

Published: 2022-04-14
Free Essay Answering Why E-Sports Is Good for College Students
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Electronic sports (also referred to as eSports) entails the involvement of competitive gaming, electronic games and professional gaming that are organized in a competitive manner sort by several hosts. These hosts revolve around the several local and international organizations are entailing the video gaming industry. In most occurrences, the most common game genres are within the connection to eSports include the single person player, multi-player, and also the multiplayer online contests (Real-time strategy, first-person shooter, and Multiplayer online battle arena). However, through the involvement of many individuals in the gaming of the eSports, the competitive gaming entails the younger populations, for instance, the college students. In the event of the eSports, they merge into teams to participate in the tournaments, which in some of the happenings are acquiring holding internationally. Through recent changes and developments, the industry has developed in various aspects. The growth is evident through the creation of highly sophisticated single player and multiplayer games in the decade. In distinct dynamics, the intervention is gaining much implementation and actualization as the industry is growing into multinational corporations offering the intervention and chances for the gaming. Also, the various individuals have acquired the incite concerning the happening where the games are capturing population like the college students in high numbers (Martoncik, 208-211).

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Nonetheless, within the course of this writing, it will major on different occurrences regarding the involvement of eSports and the college students. It will provide details about the participation of the college student together with providing relevant information concerning how it is influencing the college student and the environment composition. As a principal focus, it will render a basis for showing how eSports is good for college students.

eSports And College Students

Over the past years, many individuals have presented underpinning to the disadvantages of eSports to college students. In most of the events, most of the individuals, especially the parents and teacher, have been discouraging students concerning their involvement in the activities. For most of them, they have to term this intervention as a waste of time and resources with providing various claims attributed to the practice implying mostly on the negativities concerning them. Through the disadvantages, they have strived to show how the happening is not conventional or beneficial to the college students terming these occurrences as unnecessary. The dynamics are changing at a high rate in comparison with the developing technology which is advancing and developing the society as a whole.

However, over the recent days and years, the eSports is now making and proving inroads into the college sports setting sector or arena. Through the inclusion of varsity scholarships for the electronic sports, they have come into existence since 2014. Under the involvement and introduction of the eSports sector in the college sporting arena, many colleges are now getting involved with the activities of the eSports among other happening relating to the occurrence. Currently, college is shifting into the eSports to an extent whereby they are creating and developing their own eSports facilities together with producing their collegiate teams. With this predicament, dozens of varsities are establishing a connection where they can relate and compete with each other and including the activity in the curriculums within the sports sector. For example, there is an association, (National Association of collegiate eSports) comprising of more than forty schools and their specific competitive eSport programs (Martoncik, 208-211).

Benefits of eSports to College Students

The eSports are proving beneficial to the college students in a series of ways and methods. These benefits may not be evident on an instant basis; however, they are visible in the long run.

Promote Problem-Solving Skills

The event beneficial as one of the significant ways, through facilitating the development of problem-solving skills especially under tight pressure and through creativity. In the fact of various eSports games and happening, the current game setting is proving and developing through the creation of strategic games requiring problem-solving. Since they are through competition with other individuals "college students" the players are needed and need to think critically through the ways to win the game and find various ways to achieve that especially under limited time occupations. When a person uses and administers certain tricks in the event of these games, depending on the dynamics of the game, they earn various points over the advantage of their competitor. In most of the happenings, the games render significant simulation to the individual playing to an extent they present their focus on them as they strive to solve any problem in the competition. Over a prolonged period of playing these games, the players develop a specific mentality creating rational thinking with enables them and increases their ability to solve problems (Kauweloa, 2016). Since there is always a victor, it is evident that in one way or the other they managed to render more creativity than the other. Thus, as a result, it creates the idea behind the implication concerning how the eSports in increasing problem solving primarily to college students.

Provide Emotional and Self-esteem Development

Similarly, the eSports is advantageous to the college students in that they render the provision of emotional and esteem development and support. In the event of the eSports happening, they promote and provide an atmosphere whereby the players and spectators can communicate and interact. In these locations, individuals come together with the aim of achieving something at the end which may be related to a win the games. Since it is the nature of people, individuals with mutual interest may associate by developing and supporting each other together with delivering their ideas. Through the interconnection nature and communication, friends are created since player and interact. It is a real-time occurrence that enables a framework where the college students interchange ideas and the ability of mastery (Connolly et al. 661-686).

For example, you find that, whenever an individual is on the falling edge, some of the supporters may be motivating the person while others may be the motivation the one on the winning margin to deliver more to the game. Under such occurrences, there is the sharing of experiences, and aspirations since there is a supportive atmosphere. The individual might lose in the long run; however, there is higher self-esteem and emotional support since they learn ways through which they can manage their anxiety and concentrate on an occurrence regardless of the audience. It is an important attribute, especially in the classroom context. With this predicament, it enables the development of the college students hence adding to the provision relating to eSports being useful to college students.

Advocate Time Management Skills

Additionally, eSports are showing their benefits to the college students through advocating time management. Time management skills are fundamental in every college student especially in managing their tasks especially in doing chores whereby you find college students taking more time on a given project than the anticipated time. With the activities and participation in eSports, time management skills are essential. Even though several individuals have attributed eSports to wasting time, the event is beneficial in various ways. For instance, for a college student to have time to take part in any sports competition or a team, they need to finish their academic and personal duties to make time for the games. Hence, helps them in reducing time wastage with the aim of creating time for the eSport. On the other hand, the eSports are beneficial to time management whereby you find limited time assigned to these games. Whenever a college student is competing in the eSports competitions, there is allotted time for each task. Thus, to ensure that the time is sufficient, they tend to ensure they make good use of the designated time wisely without any wastage (Burgess, Stermer and Burgess 376-387).

As a result of prolonged practice, the involved character acquires the ability and skill to use limited time in achieving the tasks or targets. Under this predicament, the student can handle a given work in fewer times as they should not waste any time. Thus, with the involvement of eSports, there are higher possibilities of the student to use time wisely about the events of electronic games. With such discipline, it enables a character to ensure they make good use of their time in the best way possible. Also, they develop the ability in the multitasking skills depending on the task at hand. It creates the assertion whereby they are beneficial and useful the college students primarily through the event of allocation of the responsibility.

Improve Concentration

e-Sports is good for college students under the occurrence where it enhances steady physiological gains alongside improving concentration. Through the dynamics and claims by various individuals, the render the involvement of attention in eSports as less beneficial. For example, some of them imply that college students offer more concentration in the games rather than in their studies. However, as a counterclaim, eSports provide and seek attention to achieve the desired outcome. With the use of concentration in the eSports, it also provides the physiological development whereby they simulate the entire human body. Whenever an individual use places a significant amount of strength to something, it tends to affect their brain setting which in return impacts body as the whole by causing movement (such as arms movement). The physical effects render benefits to enhancing awareness and are essential to not these skills since they are critical for every individual (Lebedev and Pahomova, 184).

In the contact where college students study various courses requiring awareness and concentration, the activities from eSports enhance the functionality. For cases where the focus is intense, there are chances that the results are proper and evaluative. Hence under the involvement of these games, since they support and increase the ability to concentrate, they are excellent and beneficial to college students. Concentration and physiological awareness are one of the critical skills and values especially in the colleges with the different happenings and occurrences involving the college students and the entire society as a whole.

Promote Positive Behaviors

There are various issues facing college students be it in college or in meeting life. With these issues, they need appropriate skills proving helpful in the long run. As another benefit of eSports to the college students, they influence and impact the behavior of the college students. The impact of the response is in a positive manner considering other happenings related to the time spent taking part in the eSports competitions. With consideration of the effects of the eSports, the player acquires aggression behaviors. Acquisition of practices is not a happening that occurs at the first interval but seeks a gradual process. With the different studies, eSport gaming increases aggression to the individual in various aspects. Since the players are competing with others, the games may involve pursuits that to win; one has to knock out the opponent. In return, the opponent strives and purses back to ensure they are not knocked out under any condition. In cases where it entails team-work, it means that they have to work hard rega...

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