Essay Sample on Vaping: Risk Among Young People

Published: 2023-03-16
Essay Sample on Vaping: Risk Among Young People
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In recent years the use has been a drastic increase in the use of electronic cigarettes by the young generation. There has been enormous anxiety concerning the health issues related to the use of vaping substances and the consequences. There has been an argument that most of the smoker uses electronic cigarettes was a strategic way to escape the manner of avoiding and reducing the use of tobacco cigarettes. There has been a concern that vaping among young people could trigger the increase in cigarette smoking among youth youths. E-Cigarettes are typically made of narcotic flavors and additional chemical which are addictive (Etter, 2018). However, the E-cigarettes are basically made of different designs and appearances, and they contain the combination of similar components just as ordinary cigarettes. Unfortunately, the majority of young people practice vaping as a hobby or a lifestyle, causing peer pressure to other young adults to start inhaling the narcotic flavor for fun.

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Firstly, the E-cigarettes are made by the use of nicotine substances, which can lower brain development. The human keeps on developing, especially at the age of 25 years. Therefore, when a teenager uses starts vaping at a young age, he suffers the risk of damaging the brain leading to lowering brain memory capacity hence becoming slow in learning.

Moreover, according to research by Palazzolo and Dominic (2013) indicates that it is evident that nicotine has specific effects on the cardiovascular system. This is a clear indication that vaping can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Another risk associated with the use of E-cigarettes is that it can lead to death in case the vaper ingests the nicotine liquid substance contained in the e-cigarette. Additionally, it is risky for a pregnant person to inhale the chemical produced when vaping since they harm postnatal and fetal development.

A research conducted by Gostin, Lawrence, and Aliza (2014) found out that a large portion of people who are addicted to e-cigarettes are at a high risk of smoking cigarettes in the future. Another risk of vaping is that it causes throat irritation. Those individuals who vape experience a burning sensation as they inhale the nicotine vapor. It is, therefore, uncertain the safety of using electronic cigarettes. However, there are various reasons that make vaping better than smoking regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are much affordable as compares to regular cigarettes. This is because tobacco prices vary based on the geographical location leading to high taxation.

Moreover, the e-cigarettes come with a wide variety of variables such as vanilla, blueberry, etc. therefore, the user can choose based on the variety they wish to vape. It is undoubted that traditional tobacco product has a nasty smell. Hence this is a reason why smokers switch to vaping. It is undoubted that the nasty cigar smokes linger on clothing, hands, and even the hair. This is contrary to vaporized smoke, which has a nice flavored smell (Cervellati et al., 2014).

Additionally, vaping is a more advanced modern way of smoking since the inhalers have the ability to be able to control the percentage of tobacco intake since it is hard to determine tobacco concentration in a single cigarette.

Contrary to the benefits of vaping when compared to smoking, it should be banned from usage. According to Maloney and Joseph (2016), they stated that vaping should be banned since e-cigarette companies lack sufficient information and evidence depending on the vaping health effect that affects the users. However, they may have a low percentage of nicotine; the chemical used in the making should be researched by scientists to prove the safety of the user. Another reason that can lead to the burning of electronic cigarettes is that they expose the general public and the environment to harmful gases. For instance, in the United States, cigarette smoking is among the major cause of preventable illnesses and death. Therefore whether tobacco is delivered through vapor or smoke, it is still unhealthy to the user and to the public

Consequently, various chemical that is used in the making of electronic is very harmful to the teen. Some of these chemicals include Benzene, isoprene, and carcinogens. It has not been identified the health effect of some of these chemicals on the human body; however, due to the negative effects of the e-cigarette is be not the effect of the chemical, not health-friendly.

In conclusion, it is undoubted that vaping cannot be a guaranteed method of reducing smoking. This because the products used in the making of the e-cigarettes contain harmful substances that expose the user to unhealthy issues. The main solution is that vaping should be allowed, but at the same time, it should be illegal to be used by young adults and teens. Parents should also be careful and know the different designs of such e-cigarettes since they can be hard to identify due thigh level of technology used in designing electronic cigarettes.

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