Application Letter Example to the EMBL International PhD Program

Published: 2017-11-29
Application Letter Example to the EMBL International PhD Program
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Making a difference among cancer patients has always been my dream and this opportunity as a research fellow at EMBL international PHD program, under your supervision will help me accomplish my goal of making a difference with new cancer treatment modules through the cancer stem cell research program. In EMBL, I would like to work in the research and innovation chairs group, the network of center of excellence, and research centers Jechlinger group "Mechanisms of oncogene dependence and tumor relapse",Neveu Group "Systems biology of stem cell differentiation", Barabas Group "Mechanism, regulation, and application of mobile DNA" and institutes groups. My interest in the cancer stem research program is mainly because my experience has helped me in understanding the subject well and enhanced my interest in the field. Since the stem cells have been identified in many types of cancers, and responsible for disease progression and survival due to tumor recurrence, resistance to treatment and metastasis formation. Hence the importance of treating these specific cells by designing specific drugs that mainly targets them. The research program at EMBL is, therefore, imperative as it shapes the future for cancer treatment.

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My favorite research readings are the Robert Weinberg’s publication Weinberg, R. (2013). The biology of cancer. Garland science. I enjoy reading medical related journals as I am eager to expand my scientific knowledge; I find reading Robert Weinberg’s articles inspiring as it develops an already thriving obsession with cancer stem cells. The book, the biology of cancer, commanding a five star Amazon review, comprehensive yet easy to understand. It also has provided I with integrative knowledge on cancer pathogenesis choose my literature based on the ratings and the content of the book. I acquire my literature through online purchases and sharing with colleagues. My hobbies are learning and discovering new things, traveling and developing new linguistic skills and searching new things on the internet.

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