Free Essay. ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation

Published: 2023-03-27
Free Essay. ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation
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Star Point 1: Discovery (Identify topic and practice issue)

The clinical issue that will be discussed in this case will be the understaffing problem in the nursing sector. The problem is prevalent in communities around the world, and it causes devastating effects leading to pressure in the healthcare system leading to the provision of low-quality services. When a health care unit has inadequate staff members, the ones that are available are compelled to cover for the employees that fail to report at their workstation, the ones that take long shifts, and this can have adverse effects in their lives and those of the patients they are attending (Elsayad, Shazly, & Mahmoud, 2017).

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Briefly describe your rationale for your topic selection. Include the scope of the issue/problem.

The reason why I selected this is because a significant number of nurses in the world are suffering due to the inability of the hospitals that they serve to recruit adequate workers. Therefore, the few employees available have to work beyond their abilities to ensure that they attend to every patient. In this case, the quality of services they are offering may be adversely affected, leading to patients not getting adequate treatment (Nishshanka, Akilendran, & Muraleeswaran, 2016). Their health may fail to improve, and in such instances, the resources used fail to realize the desired outcome, meaning that it was wasted.

The problem scope may take a detailed analysis of the organization that has the right number of nurses. In these institutions, the staff members offer quality services, they have adequate time for other activities in their lives, such as social elements. Additionally, they optimally utilize the available resources meaning that they are managing to realize positive outcome using limited resources fully.

Star Point 2: Summary (Evidence to support the need for a change)

Describe the practice problem in your own words and formulate your PICOT question.

The understaffing of nurses' menace is one of the major issues that lead to burnout when they are undertaking their obligations. The job itself is stressful, and if the nurses do not have adequate time to relax and rewind, they can feel unsatisfied with the job and frustrated. Cases of resigning may occur, change of career or long sabbatical leaves that may worsen the problem further. The nurses may contract diseases that result from working for long hours without enough rest. Shoulder, chronic back, and leg pains are some of the ailments that may affect them, and this will further derail their service delivery programs. Their decision-making process may be compromised, and this calls for the need to ensure that all health care facilities are well-staffed, and physicians are getting adequate rest time.

Population/ patients

The population involved in this study are nurses that are understaffed in the various healthcare facilities where they undertake their activities.


The measures that can be taken to manage the problem include funding these hospitals to ensure that they have enough finances.


The organization can compel the government to train more nurses. There is a possibility that the market is lacking adequate nurses graduating from learning institutions.


The invention measures will ensure that hospitals have the right ration of nurses-to- patients. The quality of services will also improve, nurses will have enough time for other activities in their life, and their health will not deteriorate, for they will not encounter cases of excessive workload.

Time/ Type of study questions

The process can take a period of 3 years due to a large number of hospitals.

List the systematic review chosen from the CCN Library databases. Type the complete APA reference for the systematic review selected.

  • Abdelsalam, H. M. (2019). Staff Nurses' Burnout and Job Satisfaction and its Relation to Patients' Satisfaction in Port Said Hospitals. Port Said Scientific Journal of Nursing, 6(1), 177-197.
  • Elsayad, H. S. A. E. A., Shazly, M. M., & Mahmoud, S. I. (2017). Nurses Perception toward Nursing Workloads and its Effect on Nurses Errors at Benha University Hospital. Egyptian Journal of Health Care, 8(1), 53-64.

List and briefly describe other sources used for data and information. List any other optional scholarly source used as a supplement to the systematic review in APA format.

  • Nishshanka, D. W., Akilendran, K., & Muraleeswaran, R. (2016). An Assessment of level of work-Related Stress AmongNursing Officers at District General Hospital Vavuniya In Sri Lanka. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 6(3), 177.
  • Zaki, S., Elsayed, L. A., & Ibrahim, M. M. (2016). Factors contributing to burnout among Saudi nurses and their effect on patients' satisfaction at Makkah Al-Mukaramah hospitals. Life Science Journal, 13(5), 73-88.

Briefly summarize the main findings (in your own words) from the systematic review and the strength of the evidence.

The main findings from these systematic reviews are that burnout is a common occurrence among nurses in understaffed health centers. The issue leads to their dissatisfaction with the work they are doing. The patients fail to realize desirable treatment services, and this means that they are not convinced with the treatment they are getting. Stress is another issue that the physician experiences when they are compelled to overwork, and there is a need to ensure that the problem is arrested to ensure that the nurses' health is also managed (Abdelsalam, 2019). The evidence obtained for these documents is strong considering that they are all peer-reviewed articles, and the information they contain has been analyzed by the relevant bodies.

Outline one or two evidence-based solutions you will consider for the trial project.

One of the solutions that can be undertaken to curb the problem is increasing the hospital funding to ensure that they have enough resources to recruit nurses.

Star Point 3: Translation (Action Plan)

Identify care standards, practice guidelines, or protocols that may be in place to support your intervention planning (These may come from your organization or from the other sources listed in your Summary section in Star Point 2).

The intervention planning can be realized when all the stakeholders interested in the affairs of the various health care centers manage to work together. The funding process will involve a government mobilizing its resources and assisting the financing process. Additionally, it will be the main body that will be mandated with the process of ensuring that adequate students are enrolling in nursing school.

List your stakeholders (by title and not names; include yourself) and describe their roles and responsibilities in the change process (no more than 5).

Apart from the government, the other bodies that will prove useful in resolving the problem include the nurses, hospital management, and the general public. The nurses will ensure that they create a duty roster that will ensure every physician takes adequate time to rest, and the management should facilitate the process (Zaki, Elsayed, & Ibrahim, 2016). The general public should work towards ensuring that their nurses are not getting overworked, for this will enable them to get quality services.

What specifically is your nursing role in the change process? Other nursing roles?

The role I will undertake in this change process is that of a researcher, and I will manage to convince the various stakeholders on the benefits of ensuring that hospitals are having the right number of nurses. Additionally, I will highlight the adverse effects that will result from understaffing.

List your stakeholders by position titles (charge nurse, pharmacist, etc.) Why are the members chosen (stakeholders) important to your project?

The various members chosen in this study are the nurses, government, hospital management, and the general public, and they are critical to the change process. They will be required to play their respective role of ensuring that hospitals have an adequate number of healthcare personnel.

What type of cost analysis will be needed prior to a trial? Who needs to be involved with this?

The cost analysis that will be required in this case will be the determination of the expenses that will be incurred to implement the highlighted interventions and the benefits that will be realized. The funding process of training of nurses will not be a cheap affair, but the benefits outweigh the costs, and the program should be undertaken. The funds invested will provide value for money in the long-term.

Star Point 4: (Implementation)

Describe the process for gaining permission to plan and begin a trial. Is there a specific group, committee, or nurse leader involved?

The process of gaining permission will require the formation of a committee that will be required to undertake research and give recommendations on the strategies that will be used to end the problems resulting from understaffing in hospitals. Any change program becomes successful when all parties that will be affected by the process are involved in the implementation of the recommendations made. Therefore, all the parties that will be affected when the understaffing issue is resolved are the ones that will be involved. It is important to note that all the highlighted parties will be involved in initiating the interventions.

Describe the plan for educating the staff about the change process trial and how they will be impacted or asked to participate.

The plan for education the staff will happen before the introduction process is initiated. They will first be notified about the proposal to make changes at the workplace. They will be notified that the main area under review is resolving the understaffing problem. They will be requested to raise the proposals that they would like to be included in the change process. The inclusion of their proposals will help in making the process easier, for they are the ones that will play a crucial role in the intervention process.

Outline the implementation timeline for the change process (start time/end time, what steps are to occur along the timeline).

Implementation Timeline

The nurses are grouped into different categories, and they will be required at different times.

1st January- 30th June: The number of registered nurses will be increased to the recommended number that will meet the ratio of nurses/ patients.

1st July- 31st December: The number of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) will be raised to the recommended number to cater, for the patients visiting the unit.

Second and third-year: The number of the other nurses, such as cardiac, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) will be raised.

List the measurable outcomes based on the PICOT. How will these be measured?

The measurable outcomes that will be recommended will be an improvement in the quality of service offered by the nurses. Cases of patients getting readmitted with the same ailment will reduce. Additionally, cases of patients experiencing shoulder pain, stress, and dissatisfaction with work will be not be recorded at the workplace. These will be determined through the documentation of the number of nurses that are experiencing these workplace encounters.

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