Free Essay: Single Memorable Day

Published: 2023-09-19
Free Essay: Single Memorable Day
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I will live to blame myself, I still want to forgive myself and be happy, but how do I get away with the guilt feeling while everyone tries to rub it in my face? With time my heart will heal, and I still intend to seek justice.

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Like any other day, I woke up to a busy day in school. Being the firstborn, a lot was expected from me, and my father had a dinner meeting with us. I also had a party and date night that I had longed for with my life's love. I had to weigh options and request my father to postpone the dinner so that I could attend the most awaited party and also date night with my fiancé. The party would be real therapy after getting out of a toxic relationship with my ex-partner and even a breathing space away from books.

My ex-partner worked at our family business and had won my dad’s trust, love, and affection. On the other hand, my fiancé was an ordinary person who nobody respected apart from my father and myself. He was humble and selfless.

The evening came, and we went to the party with my fiancé and other friends. We got to the venue, had fun, with loud music we danced the night away without a single care in the world.

In the middle of the night, we decided to drive far away from our venue to a better and breath-taking environment. On our way, I decided to check my phone and got numerous calls from my ex-partner and my sister. I did not call back because I did not want to ruin the moment. A single message made a huge difference, and it made my world turn around. Our nanny texted, informing me that my dad had been kidnapped.

My world stopped for a moment, and I could not think straight, my heart was beating fast. I decided to call her back, and she told me to rush home immediately. I received another call from the kidnappers demanding a ransom. I thought I was still dreaming. Life was happening so fast, and I took a cab with my fiancé back home, which was the longest drive. My uncle and I organized for the ransom, which my fiancé and my ex-partner took at a specific place.

After handing over the money, we immediately received a call instructing us to pick dad at a specific place. We hurriedly rushed to the site full of joy and relief, feeling guilty for not being there for him when he needed us most. Seeing his tears of joy rolled down my eyes, I was eager to hear from him and apologize. Unfortunately, he was no more. They had killed, they had tricked us, they took away an innocent soul. Poor dad fought for his life alone.

The night was long, and the sadness was more profound, everything felt like a dream. In confusion, we all mourned. Investigations began. I Was blamed for everything, and even worse, my fiancé was framed for my father’s death since they had grown fond of each other lately.

After the burial, and my fiancé having been locked in prison for a while, my father’s driver confessed that my ex-partner was responsible for my father’s death. They had been planning for long on how they would kill him and take over his company.

That was the worst night and moment of my life. Everything happened in less than twelve hours of a day. I still regret not having that dinner with my father; maybe the ordeal would not have happened.

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