Deportation of Illegal Immigrants in America, Free Essay for You

Published: 2022-03-22
Deportation of Illegal Immigrants in America, Free Essay for You
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Illegal immigration is the unlawful entry of a person across the country's borders with a motive of remaining in the country. It may also occur in a case where one exceeds the period he was to stay in a country without notifying the government of the state this means that they stay past the period of authorisation. Currently, America is fighting hard to prevent unlawful immigration. They have proposed the building of a wall separating them and Mexico, they also have started the process of deporting illegal immigrants spotted around America an operation which is said to target violent criminals and wipe them out of America. The practice is believed to be driven by the need to secure America's borders and enforcing immigration laws (Congressional Testimony). This comes after the current president Donald Trump stern stand on the enforcement of devolution laws. It is perceived that immigration largely contributes to the rate of unemployment in the country since all the net new jobs went to immigrants. They are targeting undocumented immigrants who are convicted of crimes of murder, drug trafficking assault and are asking the American community to stay as one in this fight implemented under the trumps administration. This paper seeks to bring into attention more details on the case of deportation of illegal immigrants.

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Currently, America has staged a fierce war with the aim of flushing out illegal immigrants. A 22-year old undocumented whose protection under the Obama administration program has lapsed, has been placed on deportation despite having entered America when she was seven years old (Lazo, Alejandro). This was revealed during a news conference by her attorney who claims that she was taken into custody during a targeted immigration routine operation. This case shows the seriousness that the ICE agents have on enforcing laws on unlawful immigrants. Unlawful immigration has been said to have a strain on America's national infrastructure, information from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and the Centre for Immigration Studies (CIS) seems to back this point (Congressional Testimony

In the recent past, the US has been keen on developing policies, plans and strategies to help prevent the entrance of immigrants to the country. These policies also would help in the expulsion of illegal immigrants. On 2005-2015, 400, 000 illegal immigrants were identified for deportation through the 287(g) program this is according to the Department of Homeland Security.

My stand on the topic is by supporting deportation since it is the right of every citizen to feel secure, protected and make proper use of available resources. Policies and measures should be put in place to stop unlawful immigrants from getting into the country (Yoshida). Nations should work together to help fight against illegal immigrants; laws should be made clear and more punitive to avert the act of illegal immigration. From the arguments above it is clear that a large percentage of the illegal immigrants are involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, murder and assaults. Most researchers have agreed with the point that there is need to protect the borders of our country which should be done by the republic as one.

In conclusion, the war against unlawful immigrants should be countries priority if the country understands and is committed to protecting its citizens. Despite the notion that illegal immigrants are to be deported, we cannot fail to notice those protected under the law. As well as we would want to flash out the criminals, it is important to respect those who respect the law by being considerate on this war against illegal immigrants.

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