Free Essay: Description of Moral and Ethical Issues

Published: 2023-04-09
Free Essay: Description of Moral and Ethical Issues
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Conspicuously, it has been articulated that the event of sport does not establish the circumstances for war. Conversely, it does uphold the prospect of those circumstances. Besides, sport augments its effectiveness to the other forces, which generate a societal order whereby the traces of potency are observed as an element of the ordinary course of things (Coakley, 2017). Remarkably, multiple viable sports such as football may possibly entail belligerent tactics, but definite violence is well thought-out to fall outside the restrictions of exceptional sportsmanship.

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Moreover, contact sports, such as American football, entail definite extents of physical violence. However, these sports also are inclusive of limitations and penalties for disproportionate and treacherous utilization of force. The specific physical events that happen in sports ought to be portrayed as equally aggressive and violent.

For the reason that sports are very inexorable by their very nature, the restrictions involving the permissible and the precluded are not always incredibly clear-cut. Regarding the element of socialization, there has been a deliberation that it happens to be a source of violence and aggression in sports. Typically, socialization takes place in the course of sports participation, given that sports offer a microcosm for livelihood and society (Goldstein, 2012). Remarkably, the organization of social relations in sports persuades the contestant's expansion of social skills. Usually, this is achieved by offering the participants essential experience in an assortment of roles and group interaction. Besides, it enhances the growth of social distinctiveness that incorporates them into better existing social systems. Regrettably, the win-at-all-costs notion has time and again led to immoral and antagonistic behaviors such as sports violence hence prompting a significant impact pessimistically on the development.

Research Information

Presently, there is the existence of numerous assorted violent instances in sports. The foremost reason for this is that individuals do not want to voice out their tribulations with their contestants; hence they utilize the aspect of violence to tackle down the predicament. Markedly, the event of violence in sports entails several personalities (Simon, 2007). In most instances, it is merely the athletes. Conversely, there have been situations whereby dignitaries such as the trainees, parents, match officials, and the spectators have as well been implicated in the violence.

Remarkably, the three sports where violence has been witnessed adequately include hockey, soccer, and football. In the present world, it is quite evident that almost everyone has seen the element of violence in sports. Besides, it is reasonably indispensable to note that the following illustrated events are in most cases likely to be considered as violence triggering;

  • Anything involving a battle after a game
  • A fight for the period of the game
  • A dispute for the duration of or after a game
  • A disparity involving a match official and players

Furthermore, there is approximately no distinction amid rough and violent. Usually, the majority of sportspersons and fans do not recognize where coarse play ceases, and violence commences. In recent times sports have turned out to be enormously brutal, with the reality that youthful players are being persuaded to impair their contenders at whichever means appropriate for the reason of winning a sport. Essentially, it is reasonably dim, that one would harm their opponent in sport merely to demonstrate on being the eminent team. For all intents and purposes, games tend to be purely sports and not battling events. Individuals ought to be enlightened on the aspect of competing comparatively. Sadly, multiple of the injuries individuals are experiencing is as a result of violence in sports. Regarding the element of sports violence, there is a dire demand that all jurisdictions put into action appropriate measures that will aid in the curbing of this menace.

Effects on the Sport or Game, Players and Fans

It is relatively palpable that the continuation of violence in sports has had a major impact on the sports industry. Conspicuously, the event of spectator violence all over the globe may prompt fans to comprehend twice prior to attending essential sporting occasions. For illustration, in 1996, a rout at a World Cup qualification game in Guatemala murdered 78 persons and wounded an approximate of 180 other individuals. In regards, such occurrences diminish the reputation of viewing sports individually, which may perhaps elevate the significance of television and online promotion in the international industry of sports, at the same time as diminishing the investment in establishing valuable on-site experiences for fans.

Additionally, the event of violence in sports is inclusive of an extensive variety of cultural, social, and political implications to the game, players and also the fans. Primarily, one of the potential repercussions is an augmented tolerance inside the society of violence in broad-spectrum. Evidently, if the younger generation grows up experiencing the events of violence in sports and viewing it in proficient games, they are most likely to turn out and be less insightful to situations of violence equally on, and off the playing field at the time they become adults. Conspicuously, this element has the aptitude of contributing to a great extent, the culture of violence. On the occasion of investigating this perception in a greater profundity, it could be precious to scrutinize the empirical substantiation that there exists a psychological affiliation involving violent behavior and recompense.

Additionally, violence in sports can be inclusive of momentous social and cultural repercussions. In regards to this, sports offer a broad variety of benefits for individuals that is mutually players and fans, hence the event of violence in them may acquiesce major amendments in the society. For instance, sports provide prospects for youthful players to establish constructive lifelong work out routines. Aversion of games for the reason that they are too violent could prompt to the intensification of the universal obesity epidemic. Involvement in sports can also be inclusive of emotional merits (Tuncel, 2018).

Personal Stance on Situation

In regards to this topic of violence in sports, there are three schools of thought to which I subscribe.

The first one is affiliated to the concept that violence is inherent within all individuals and that the submission of it in the sports field can be considered as a compelling manner of discharging the built up aggravation

The second one proposes that set up happens to be the source and that individuals often become perturbed with the verdicts made by referees for instance which prompts to the commencement of violence

The third one supposes that the event of violence in sport blows up as an outline of copy cat techniques. Remarkably, it assumes that the majority of the aggressors learn the art of violence from observance.

Moreover, I appreciate that sporting activities act as a source of immense delight for multiple individuals. Remarkably, sports aid in the process of building an individual's self-esteem, grow social contact, and offer training of several lessons in life (Matthews & Channon, 2017). Apparently, the event of violence has no reservation in sport.

In essence, an assortment of steps ought to be carried out and appropriate measures put in place to ensure that violence in sports is curbed abundantly. The element of sport psychology can be utilized for the following rationales

  • Assistance in annoyance control programs
  • Training on the significance of sportsmanship
  • Heartening optimistic leadership mutually the players and the administration

Outstandingly, the aspect of culture is established at the peak of any organization, and in the pursuit to make sure that sport is pleasurable and harmless, the values of the organization must comprise an unmistakably expressed note that violence in the game is intolerable. Match bans ought to be utilized frequently as castigation to emphasize on excellent behavior.


In conclusion, violence in sports needs to be done immediately (Roomy, 2017). Notably, this process comes along various measures that are to be put into consideration fittingly. The following are some of the actions that ought to be carried out to curb the menace;

Characterize what the penalties are and make sure that all individuals comprehend whenever the border from belligerent play to violence has been traversed

Put into effect the penalties laid down to make it apparent that there is no violence tolerance. Remarkably, as soon as participants become conscious that their deeds are inclusive of consequences that may affect their prospect, sports violence will be prohibited.

Hand out a course of action or converse with the spectators on the activities considered to be brutal and the implication of all violent acts.

Utilize the law officials who have the mandate and authority to bring to a halt the events of violence and uphold the control of sporting events. Apparently, the existence of law officials prevents violence by being reminiscent of participants that there exist implications for violence.


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